Sunday, May 21, 2017

unfollow - social media affect

ugh...why does this hurt so much.. not just the unfollow itself, but when others tell you they have unfollowed.

for example...   i followed someone on social for awhile, i liked her posts, her content interested me, she sparked joy.  what started as me reading each post, over time moved to me reading about half the post, then skimming through the post, read maybe half the post to eventually just scrolling by.  then one friday, (yes, i do remember it was a friday, more to come on that.)  i just felt i had to unfollow.  so i did.  later that day i was chatting with my work bff and told her:
'i had to unfollow xxx.'
now my super compassionate, feeler work bff just said:
and shrugged it off.  i apologized to her, as she is a huge fan of xxx and she proceeded to tell me in her always so wise way:
'you don't have to apologize to me.  people bring different perspectives into your life at different times.'
my work bff is super, super wise, inspiring and smart.  we then parted ways, as it was friday (see...there was a reason i remembered it was a friday).

i then moved through my weekend, but this conversation with my work bff kept popping into my head.  it was one of those things i couldn't shake and i was feeling bad.

maybe i was too harsh
i shouldn't have even told her
why do i always say so much
learn to just shut up

i was feeling bad.  i almost texted my pal, but decided to wait to talk to her first thing monday morning.

monday morning came, i marched directly into her office, gave her a hug and told her i was sorry.
'good morning, why are you sorry?'  my ever so compassionate work bff says.
'i was harsh, i should have never just blurted out i had to unfollow xxx.'
she proceeded to tell me i was (still am) crazy.

a few weeks later i am teaching my insanity class.  my friend tells me:
'sorry liz, but i had to unfollow xxx, i was so sick and tired of him taking selfies in his underwear.'

'oh' my reply.
but i gotta say, it kind of stung a little bit.  i almost felt like she was telling me she unfollowed me and my feeling was a little hurt.  my first reaction was to respond, defensively.   my head instantly went back to my conversation with my work bff, this is how she felt!
so i replied with:
'you don't have to apologize to me.  people bring different perspectives into your life at different times.'
the wise words of my dear friend came right out.

whats my point?
there are 2:
  • surround yourself with good people.  just like you are always told.  good brings good, kindness brings kindness.  keep that good karma all around you, all of the freaking time.  keep those good people around you all the freaking time, it matters. 
  • don't let social media affect you like that.  as with anything, interests change.  something may not appeal to you any longer, people evolve and change and people and content are brought into your life to move you through that period.      

i had that app on my phone that would tell me who starting following me, who unfollowed me.  needless to say, but that app is gone...unfollow.

Friday, April 28, 2017

athleta top 5

friday!! so im linking up with oh hey friday or better yet, for my oh hey friday im talking my top 5 athleta picks.
i love athleta, shocking.  i have been a gap girl most of my life, back in the high school day when i wore rugby shirts, button downs, long sweaters, all in size xl.  i actually wasnt a size xl, but in the 80's-90's oh xl was so so popular.  the bigger, the baggier the better.  now i probably am an xl, and maybe should be wearing that size...but that is for another post. athleta is gap, so it just makes sense it is my go to for not only fitness clothes, but just cute stuff!

and bigger bonus...i get to teach insanity there!  every weekend my local store, crocker park, offers free classes.  it is great because you can try out all different types of workouts and then shop...ummm win!  did i mention the class is free.  so just when you think you may fall over from exhaustion, you look around and see those cute tights you want to wear, or that bathing suit hanging in front of you and it keeps you motivated to stay in it! check out your local store, i betcha they have classes too.

tomorrow morning i am teaching insanity, so pumped for that!  i love sharing my insanity love, and more so love motivating people with a great workout!

so for my oh hey friday 5 i am sharing my top 5 athleta hoping to score these over the next couple of weeks.

1//  lets just start off with the toughest one...swim suit.  i have so much trouble buy bathing suits, that is until athleta came along.  i need actual bra sizes for a top, the girls need to be locked in and held up, it is a full time job.  i mean even the description of this top says it all.

BRA-SIZED SUPPORT. Underwire design with molded cups lifts and supports the girls like individuals

thank you athleta designers, thank you!
and to make it even better, you mix and match, so you pick the style you want for the top and bottom. i just love those blousy tops and so many options for bottoms,  that makes me and my areas that need to be covered, very happy.

bathing suit shopping, not bad, almost enjoyable.  if/when my arms look like these, it will even be more enjoyable!

2//  i am also a big fan of these rashguards.  um, not for the reason that they are named after, i am not diving down deep into the ocean.  my use for them is as a cover up.  super cute to keep everything in only to be taken off when i am strategically placed in my chair and properly prepared to lay in the sun.  read that as ensured everything is in place prior to the rash guard coming off.  they make it more like a sporty outfit, win/win.

3//  im a huge fan of athleta dresses.  i have a few and love them.  so comfy, great fit, nice and cool and super cute.  you can dress them up with heels and jewelry, or just throw it on to run out.  i need to try this one on, nice and breezy, flowy, summery, comfy.  everything i would dream a dress would be and more!  now i just need somewhere to go in it.

4//  i may have picked up this sweatshirt a bunch of times.  i may have petted it, and it may just be the softest thing ever.  it may just be time for me to break down and take it home with me.  if i did, i may just hang it up and look at each day and pet it. im not is so super soft!

5// wearing these babies tomorrow, i have already snatched these up and cant wait to test them out.  these salutation pants are the  they hold it all in and stay up!! that is key, it drives me out of my mind when i have to keep hiking my pants up during a run or workout.  i know the people around me appreciate it when my pants stay up too.  again, thank you athleta designers, thank you.  and the mesh and the cute cut out...i just love it!
i must add, these are all practical purchases i plan on making.  i mean, staples, that i can have for an extended period and i will get tons of use out of them.  again, win/win.

what are your must have's?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Easters past

I used to be that mom, the one who had her children coordinating in super cute outfits, awesome egg hunts for all the kids and cousins, a scrumptious brunch for the family.  but now... boy, that has all changed.  now that we are a week out from easter, i think i have accepted it. 

1//  past - i coordinated kids in easter outfits
      present - the kids have clothes on

I think this is where it went south, at some point after J came along.
maybe it was i couldn't keep up with getting 3 kids cute that early in the morning.

I spent money on these cute outfits, they coordinated, I did their hair, had them looking good. 
then, those clothes never got worn again.  into the closet they would go and sold at the next resale event, if they would even sell.   i think i have given away multiple cute little ballet flats in every size.

i mean come on...does this kid even look happy in this hat? 

i wanted her to look adorable in her easter bonnet, but we didn't even go to church, so I'm dressing her up to push her outside into the cold, muddy, wet backyard. 

2//  past - fun outside egg hunts
      present - eggs thrown in the back yard

we live in CLE, the chance of having warm, tank top dress weather in the CLE at easter is slim, like really slim.  I mean often times we have hunted for eggs in the snow and more often rain.  i have never understood how or why we have these super cute sundresses.  unless it comes with a warm, warm overcoat, cute snow/rain boots, hat and gloves it just doesn't make sense to me.

3//  past - baskets hid by the bunny
      present - baskets right on the table

really, now that these kids are older, there is just no hiding the baskets.  there is not very many places you can 'tuck away' a big old basket.  if there is, chances are i have put it there at some point over the past 14 years.  i consider it a win the bunny came and hid the eggs.
speaking of...

4// past - a fun night of dying easter eggs
     present - it is 11pm and the bunny will be here soon, get these eggs dyed

it was an event, have dinner, hard boiled eggs were all prepared and ready for fun colors.  we bought all of the different egg dyes, added oil, tye dye, shrink wraps, stickers, markers, everyone had an egg with their name on it fun!  this year, we came in the door at 10:30pm on easter sunday, thankfully grandma had come over in the day and hard boiled the eggs for us, threw some dye dots in some cups and dyed them several colors which pretty much turned them all shades of green/tan.  some had names, but not the names of anyone in our family. total time spent, approx 15 minutes and 36 eggs were done.

5// past - delicious easter brunch with all the fun
     present - a cold ham purchased the day after easter with boxed potatoes

this may be the biggest disappointment for me.  i love brunch, i love that we get to eat breakfast and lunch together, but this year, it was lame.  im pretty sure we didn't even all eat at the same time.

we were not even home on easter.  easter, this year and last, was spent at  mccormick place in chicago watching grace and team play in tournament. while this year had a better ending, still times have changed.  this year, the younger ones and i had a happy easter group hug, then enjoyed our free breakfast at the hotel, before a full day of volleyball. 

but really...we were together and that is what matters.  we spent quality time in the car together, and on the home stretch everyone shut down their devices and we sang and danced our way into the driveway.  that is the memory that may have replaced dying eggs or a massive hunt and in the end im ok with that. that and we still pound a good couple three packs of peanut butter eggs.

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