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Pre School Grad!

There she is my proud! she cracks me up when we got there she asked me not to cry, which i so did not. She is such a good kid in school and that makes me so proud, she is smart, which i love! I know every parent thinks thier kid is the smartest but really she is smart! Anyway Grace graduated on Thursday night she is on to kindergarten in the fall.

In the meantime we have been waiting for our next one to come along. See that cute little baby floating on the side of the blog saying 9 days left...feel free to come out now! I am SO done with this pregnent thing...I have cleaned each base board in my home on my hands and knees, cleaned the basement out, moved boxes to brookes, washed cars, vacuumed cars, walked MILES.

This happens to me each time at the end, i am SO crabby, so tired, all the pains everything i dont think i can take it one more day. I wake up each morning angry i am still pregnent. I walk and walk and walk and all it gets me is blisters. Each day i think today …

Happy NSD!

I had a great super productive weekend and spent to much $$. But that is ok i guess, i think i am trying furiously to get things organized before the baby arrives! I am four weeks out now...that is a long time in my world but a short time in everyone elses! The room got painted this weekend, so it is moving along nicely i am hoping it is done by the weekend! I bought my kids their summer clothes so they are all set for when the weather breaks, i even bought some cute little baby outfits (Brooke bought to many baby outfits for the baby) I got blinds for windows...YES we have lived in this house for 3 years and all we even had on the windows were the paper temporary blinds that you get when you first move in. I bought real blinds for the kids rooms, i BOUGHT them i did not say they are hanging up, HUGE difference!
This weekend was also NSD or for you people that live under a rock (kidding) NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY! yes, there is a day! I spent my whole three days over at Scrap in Style T…