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1 month later...

I apparently am not too good at this blog thing. I went back to work over a month ago and it has been that long since I have blogged!
My favorite time is running out, Mae is a little over 3 months now and although she is just the sweetest little thing ever, she is no longer a small little newborn. She is just a cute, little, big, baby!
my nights are consumed with her, it is my favorite part of the day, I take her in bed with me and just snuggle her sweet little self until she is fast asleep. I listen to her sweet, rapid breathing. Feel her little chest & back rise & fall. Smell her Johnson's baby self. Watch her stare at me until she drifts, drifts, drifts off to sleep. I.LOVE.EVERY.SECOND.OF.IT.
MY boy turned 7 and he was so happy to have a lego birthday! He loves legos and watching him put them together is so fun. I love that he can follow the directions and will sit for hours putting them together. What I do not love is how I spent my night last Friday night, going thro…