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Great Day!

Friday & Saturday were just great days! I love that, lots accomplished and lots of fun. I had taken Friday off work to spend some QT with Grace. She was off school so it was a great day for us to hang out, and that we did. We dropped the other kids off at school and then had breakfast together, ran a few errands and then headed off to Boston Mills for a day of skiing. Grace was great, she took 1 lesson with a great instructor and when I returned she was going up the chair lift and down the hill! It was so COOL, I was nervous about this because I knew she wanted to like it but was not so sure how it would go. When I left her with the instructor it was odd, just leaving your child with some random stranger that you knew nothing about. I got to have a few runs in that hour, well several seeing how it was Boston Mills but the snow was great and I really had a peaceful time. After Grace was done we spent the next 4 hours just skiing, she was a trooper, she did not want to stop and even…