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Instragram Prints

Everyone knows Instagram I am guessing, I printed all the pictures I had taken so far in 2012 about 4-5 months ago at Persnickety Prints. They do a great job and you can pick what size you want your perfect little Instagram pictures. I finally arranged my pictures on an old window frame using twine and some old Heidi Grace pins I had from way back. I love the way it turned out. I am not sold on where I have it hanging, I think I am going to move it upstairs, but for now I am just happy I have actually completed something!

the first pic I used the flash so it shows the right color
but the second one is no flash so there is no glare so you can see the pics. 
Love it! Happy day after Thanksgiving!!

I'm so tired...

A long time ago, Vuke & I, well all of our little gang, used to watch an old Little Rascles episode and the gang was comparing who was more tired. It went a little something like this:

"I'm so tired"
"I'm 10 times more tired than you tired"
"I'm so tired..."

That is how I feel these days.
It will be refreshing to have a few days home to reflect on what I am grateful for & get back on track.

SANDY...we survived our first hurricane

Thankfully we did not have it as bad as many others, but I am happy to say the rain has passed. Who knew we would have a hurricane here in Northeast Ohio! Monday evening it started to get pretty bad on the way home and by 11pm the schools were all closed due to power outages and flooding, trees and debris all over our little city. Thankfully we never lost power, but that was not the luck for a bunch of our friends. Finally today it seems the remains of Sandy have passed by. The kids went back to school, but many systems have not, and about 4pm I saw the first clips of the sun in well over 7 days. The kids ventured across the street to one not so flooded area to ride their bikes, they really needed to get out of the house. I am not a bad mom, there were tons of really heavy current I did not allow my kids to play in.

The one good thing was school was canceled on Halloween, why is this good, well because bad Mom waited until the last minute to get the boy his costume. The problem was th…