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holy crazy parents

i am blogging about this tonight because it is something i am really having a problem letting go of. maybe it is because it just happened yesterday, who knows, hopefully if i type away about it it will be one step closer to leaving my mind…for good!

this here girl played her guts out over the weekend, her whole team did!  they were up against a very good, undefeated, strongsville team.  we had lost to this team twice before this year and these girls prepared and came in ready to win.  we out shot them, played better defense, our coaches out coached them as well, unfortunately our shots were not falling, not even the simple layups.  the game was back and forth all the way, always within 3 points. 

but here is where it gets dicey…grace here with 20 seconds left went to get the ball, the strongsville girl had it above her head and grace grabbed it from her and was holding on to it, holding on to it when the girl brought her arms and the ball down, with grace attached to it.  what resulted …