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I am day 7 into a great class that is part of Big Picture Classes called Move More Eat Well Jumpstart. I need this for many reasons, but today really made it worth my while! My orignial goal when signing up was to help me stay accountable for eating well and focusing on how food fuels me for my day and workouts. That has been ok but tonight the class really hit home. Each day I receive a daily message and today in the message center the subject of just breathing and believing in positive thoughts was a big topic. This is something I HAVE to incorporate into my day, and I WILL.

I am the type of person who 'flies of the handle' so to speak, especially at home. The smallest thing can just really send me over the edge. I need to Breath through these happenings. The more positive thinking I add to my day and the more times I just breathe through something it is only going to help. If I can work through just one or two incidents a day, I will be doing better. This will in turn help …

Time for a...

a serious one. I worked hard before Thanksgiving to drop some pounds and was practicing a lot of yoga doing Insanity and drinking Shakeology. I was super happy with how it was going, but then came Christmas. I told myself I wasn't going to go crazy, I was going to not gain a ton and feel terrible due to the holidays, that is just a bad decision. I do think it could have been a lot worse, but I still feel disgusting.disgusting.disgusting. I worked out everyday and moved into T25 but my eating was awful, so I didn't gain a ton back but I just feel gross and it is all about how I feel.
So tomorrow is reset. Reset back to eating clean, getting lots of yoga in and sticking with my workouts as I have been.

I am on a time limit, we go on vacation in 165 days! I need to be in bathing suit shape and I don't mean hide in my back yard bathing suit shape. (that is what I am in right now)

By posting here, and updates here it will make me accountable, for myself anyway. :)

It is cold!

The New Year is starting off cold in Ohio!

I have never been a fan of the cold or snow but this year it got a little more bearable for me! After YEARS of looking, debating, saying I was going to purchase it we finally broke down and bought a hot tub. I may be crazy saying this, but it was the best investment we made in 2013. There are many reasons why:

it makes these cold days a bit more bearablewe stay home morei stay up later at night (this may not be a bonus)it forces todd and i to sit together and talk for several hours a week!I really am not kidding when I say it is one of the major contributor to saving our marriage! 

The first couple weekends I thought maybe I was going to need to check into rehab, I was out there every night with my glass of wine and that glass would turn into the bottle! Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoy my glass of wine out there, but I also love to sit in there after a good workout with my coffee. It is the best when the snow is falling all around yo…

Happy New Year!

WoW 2014, it is almost annoying that I am posting today, being a new year, but I really am committing to blogging this year. For several reasons which maybe I will go into all the reasons over the year, but I  need to commit to blogging MUCH more frequently. I commit to a lot of things, so this is one I am going to accomplish!

I love a fresh start, so the new year is always a good time for me. This new year starts with a new moon which is another happy time for me. Just a restart and I love that!

Happy 2014 friends!