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Time for a...

a serious one. I worked hard before Thanksgiving to drop some pounds and was practicing a lot of yoga doing Insanity and drinking Shakeology. I was super happy with how it was going, but then came Christmas. I told myself I wasn't going to go crazy, I was going to not gain a ton and feel terrible due to the holidays, that is just a bad decision. I do think it could have been a lot worse, but I still feel disgusting.disgusting.disgusting. I worked out everyday and moved into T25 but my eating was awful, so I didn't gain a ton back but I just feel gross and it is all about how I feel.
So tomorrow is reset. Reset back to eating clean, getting lots of yoga in and sticking with my workouts as I have been.

I am on a time limit, we go on vacation in 165 days! I need to be in bathing suit shape and I don't mean hide in my back yard bathing suit shape. (that is what I am in right now)

By posting here, and updates here it will make me accountable, for myself anyway. :)


Anonymous said…
Hi Liz, I am laughing reading this at 12:48am eating popcorn and then m&m's thinking how I need to drop 15 lbs.!!! I am going to run before my spin class tomorrow! You have inspired me! Miss you...Lisa