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LovE the 80's!

i have this thing i do some of you may know. when i am working at home and i need a little pick me up, or just getting tired i get into my 'way to cool' station wagon and go to Starbucks. On the way I play the music in the car so loud and it just rejunivates me so! What a treat tonight was...on mix 106.5 it was Big Hair 80's night, so first up was some twisted sister, member those guys with the really big long blonde hair? after that was oh my goodness... 'carrie' by Europe. Brooke i know you are reading this remembering when you used to sing to me 'Bitty' after some certain boy left for college. Brooke would ad lib "bitty" (my childhood name, that only my Grandpa Nickles & Dave Laut still calls me) into the song where they sang "carrie". She got this talent from listening to that college boy sing it to me the same way! ohhhh to be 15 again! BLAK! How odd is that it was 80's night because right now i cannot stop watching Rock …


We had the BEST vacation lat week at Burt Lake in MI. man i so did not want to come home, which is odd usually on vacation i am ready to come home at the end of the week not this time! the house was great, enough space for all of us, there were 17 total 9 of them being kid! My kids had so much fun, we tubed, jet skiied, i got up on the wave board, swam, swam, swam. man we did so much, so much sun! This lake is so beautiful! The water is crystal fresh. It felt so good to swim in clean, fresh water! I even did a night swim, which i am so scared of. I am so afraid of fish touching my feet while i am swiming. Then someone tells me there are 8ft. fish in this beautiful lake...good lord i was nervous but i never saw a fish ever, day or night. I even did some physical activity, Stacey and I ran a few times, then one of the days kim drove us out on the boat and we swam back. Apparently that wasnt the smartest idea on our part, some thought we would have gotten run over by a boat be…