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3 Days Left to Save

This program is it! It will transform you to fit, strong and healthy…all the things I am working on! T25 has made me a better mom, friend, person, runner, daughter, sister you name it.  It has helped me gain confidence in my own skin, be less judgmental of myself, made me look in the mirror and accept me for who I am. It takes 25 minutes of focus each day, and let me tell you I actually look forward to those 25 minutes. The way I feel after those 25 minutes is the best I feel all day.  The meal plan is SIMPLE to follow and if your goal is to loose weight and you stick to the plan, YOU WILL!  Do you just want to get strong and fit?  YOU WILL! I could go on and on, but really YOU have to want to start. I WANT to help you get started with fitness goals, even if it is not T25 (even though I am a big fan), any goals.  I would love to help you set some!  Just message me.

This sale price of $180 on the Challenge Pack is only through April 30th.  You get all 10 weeks of …

A great weekend!

Last weekend was just a great weekend. I love that when everything just feels right. Now, my house could have used some cleaning, and laundry didn't get done, I basically wasn't too productive, but it was a good weekend.

Friday and Saturday I got to spend time with Brookie. Brooke has been my dearest friend since we were small, like 3 or 4 or something. Because life is so crazy sometimes we may not see each other for stretches of time so a good two days at her house were great. Friday she and I had an Origami Owl party together, fun, I just love picking out the charms for not only myself :) but for gifts and what charms remind me of them! ! Then saturday I went back over there in the evening for a birthday celebration for her dad and the great cake bake-off! The great cake bake off was between Brooke and her sister Kelly, they both baked amazing cakes and we judged them. Brooke won in the end (presentation is where Brooke pulled ahead) but I have to tell you both were amazing …


I had such a great Friday/Saturday with my friend Lisa. We became friends running, imagine that, and she is one of my best workout buddies ever! You become real close with a girl when you spend hours, I mean hours together during the week torturing yourself. And you talk and share just about everything when you are training for a marathon when you have long runs. Anything over 5 miles the topics are fair game. She is just the best. The best because her and Pat took me to the BEST pizza/pasta place for dinner and did not judge me when I put away a ginormous piece of pizza and spinach ravioli there may have been a salad there as well. That is what I love best, she is not a judger!

I also love her kids! How could you not love these boys:

On Saturday we went and got certified to teach Insanity!

If you would have told me I would be doing something like that even 6 months ago I would have called you a nut! but I mentioned to her maybe, just maybe it would be cool to do and she had signed up…

Results & Opportunities

I posted my why story here  a few months ago but I thought I would share the pictures that really threw me over the edge.
The first one is this one:
this was post race, obviously and when I decided it was time for me to make a change. I had just ran 26.2 miles and had trained for months. I trained really well too, better than I had in the past. I did all my long runs in great time, I did the speed intervals, I had worked hard and was happy with my time. But look at me, I was still a block person, I still was sporting a chinneck, my arms had no defination.  SOMETHING had to change! That next Monday I started Insanity and I started on a fitness roll that has changed not only my shape and helped me loose some of the weight (it is a work in progress and each week I am still taking the weight off) but it has changed me overall in a good way. I then incorporated Shakeology into my diet, that was a great change and gave me such a great increase in my energy, got me back on track with me eati…