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here it is, my tbt for the week. i really need to start uploading old pictures to my computer so i can get a good one. but for now, this will do! 
this sweet little JJ just a few days old. oh that curl in her hair! 
grace taking a picture of her sister
and the very next day, when J was one week old, this boy graduated from the red room. onto blue he went, a couple of times.


that is how i would describe my life lately…but i am thankful for the chaos, i can't lie, i am super overwhelmed, but it all works out in the end. 

i did a phone dump the other day and i am gong to share some of that randomness…aka chaos.

this is what i am working on…it is a work in progress but i am trying! 

this skirt…it has been through all three girls and i was super sad i was binning it away, but look at that sweet little hand in her pocket! 

she loves her donald and her daisy…can't you just tell by her look! 

i was fortunate to do INSANITY with this fun group of hard working girls. this team stepped their game up and had an edge on their opponents by being better conditions and stronger from their cross training! i was so thankful to be a clover of their huge success as a team! 

speaking of teams…these girls have worked their way up to being ranked 2nd in their region! i can't wait to see how they day next weekend and the over tournament! 

we always have to make time for a …


this tbt is the first one of the images in my iPhotos, so apparently they are out of order, but dang is this baby cute!!! who so you think this is? i was actually tricked! lol 

it saturday!

yes, i am late again, but hey..i am linking and that is what is important!

so here goes…

you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that's it.

1 first things first…i am following this meal plan starting monday 

and you can do it with me, i will share everything you need to be successful with this. message me and i can add you to the team and get you all the info! 
i will have abs when i go on vacation in about 40 days, it will happen and i know it will because we all know…
that is all about that. 
2 easter is tomorrow, and i feel like on easter i always have an epic fail…whomp … whomp … whomp … not this year, not this easter i am going to make it great!  here is a throw back of last easter. maybe we can take a good photo, and not by the garage door. seriously…
3 speaking of easter, while there is always the cutest dresses, the weather is not conducive, of the cute dresses that are available. it is NEVER warm on easter, so why…


we went to the zoo and the rainforest today, trying to find things to do the last 2 days of spring break, which calling this spring break is a joke because it is still cold. but anyway i just love watching the elephants, i could do it all day long.  we got to see willy, the elephant that came from disney's animal kingdom. it is cool we first saw him there, and now he just lives down the street! 

today i am throwing it back to the first time i took all the kids to the zoo. it was right after mae was born and i was doing the same thing, trying to find things to do with the kids on my time off of work. i didn't want to waste a minute!