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me time

do you have me time? time to do just what you want to do? 

i really need that.
yes, i go run or some type of workout but it isn't often i just go do something with just me. there are lots of reasons why.

i work a lotmy kids are super active so we always have somethingit is an expense

but i found something that is just for me, well here at my home and i am obsessed!!!

i am bing watching this hard on Netflix, like i put my kids in the shower, sit down on the bathroom floor and watch the episode, while my kids get all squishy because i cannot stop watching! 
they have to wash their own hair, but they need to learn to do that better anyway, so it is like a skill i am tracking them. win! 

anyway, i am only on season 1, well as i type, good chance i will be on season 2 by morning, because who needs sleep! 

here is some randomness:

i love their backyard, like how they can have dinner outside, perfect weather, not windy or rainy or even snowy! 

they are always drinki…

so much to say...or type

really! i really do have so much to type and these are some of the things i have to tell you about:

our awesome Disney tripmiddle school volleyballvirtual boot campsfalling off the wagongetting back on the wagonand those are just the first five!

so here i am, committing to you my dear blog reader(s), to blog more often and about great insightful subjects, or maybe just those i want to blog about.

so i am going to start with virtual boot camp because that one has the quickest impact on you!

yes, yes, yes...
i am always saying why you should join my virtual boot camps, why you should work out with me, why you should join my incredible team.
here is a new reason why, in addition to all the others i have always typed to you about.


yes, this next one is going to boost that confidence through the sky!
core de force, that will be the program we will be doing and let me tell you, you are going to feel like a bad ass with this one.

if you are as old as me, or older, you remember the old B…