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another cj done...

this one was for lara's cj heading back to s. africa. so cool. it was quotes that move you... i did a great quote my friend stacey came up with, well actually a matra {positive things happen to positive people} i must say i am trying to live by it. the picture on the layout is of stacey, i figured i would feature here since it is her matra. i was also able to use this layout for one of the monthly callenges on 2 Scrappy Chix Designs that was an added bonus.


so i am not typing what i really want to say... i will keep all negative thoughts and bad karma to myself... therefore i will not emit bad karma. but i really want to.

team elsie

here is the self portrait. as anyone would say i assume, i hate to see myself in pictures i always think...this is what i look like, oh that is terrible i am not talking to people or going out again if this is what i look like. this is what i look like all the time now latley. i have started running again, threw some weight training, yoga, and calorie watching in there as well. my friend carissa set me up on a beautiful program. anyway since i am trying to run 6 days a week it seems i never shower anymore and i am always looking like this stinky self portrait. i hate to shower twice a day, just cause i hate to shower so i end up waiting all day to go run, then shower at night when i get finished with the work out. i dry my hair maybe twice a week now, those would be the days i have to go into work and actually be presentable to the miserable drunks. anyway i want to win some cool love elsie product so again... here is the self portrait. (those of you who have no idea what i am talking…

such a planner

dh todd sends me an email this afternoon (thursday) about a baby shower they are having at work...FrIDAy! he has signed up to bring hot dogs, chips oh... he also needs a gift. it is 245am and i have just finished up making a cute little journal album for him to take as a gift for a coworker tomorrow. apparently it is a girl & her first baby so i thought this would be a nice gesture to be able to journal all those little baby things she will want to remember, (and you dont remember all of them unless you write them down) maybe add some pictures. what do you want to bet the girl does not scrap? does not know yet that she will forget all those little details that i have made this cute album to record them in. i will make a slide later of the tired now, lots of work to do tomorrow. g-night.

so much to say...

i havent posted in awhile so here goes.
Grace is in preschool, in her class is a boy named cody, her and cody have been wanting to play for sometime, it just hadnt worked out but finally friday i got to make the call. the one where i called the other parent and identified myself as "grace's mom" i no longer had an identity of my own. i laughed to myself when i said it because it sounded so funny to hear, but nothing made me happier. my kids are the 2 good things i have done in my life so far. before them i was pretty much a screw up (not that i am not still occasionally) BUT they center me and make me a better person each day. i try to do things better just because i want to try to show them the right way as well as make thier world a little better of a place. i know i dont do everything right with them, i am short tempered, get irritated but it gives me something to try to be good at. just like with anything else i am sure i do better at it some days then others. so whe…