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oh hey friday…all about J

my second gal is going to hit the big 7 tomorrow…7! because she is the sassy thing around, my oh hey friday is all about her! it is a long one with lots of pics…so get comfy. 

here are the details:
you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that's it.

1 jesse elizabeth arrived about a week early, really i was just done being pregnant so i did my whole this baby is coming today routine (i will save that story for another time) she was sweet, cuddly and just perfect. she was my smallest gal at albs 12ozs but she is mighty and has been since that day! 

these guys were thrilled to have a sister, look at my grace, she is just beaming holding her new little play toy in her arms! and wyatt was just excited as can be, until she cried that is, he pretty much walked around like that every time she cried. he is not a big fan of noise.  but seriously, look at this sweet little muffy, round face. all puffy from her rough trip but still looking good as c…