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oh hey friday

wow, what i week and i am excited cause i have lots of fun to share with you!
but first here is the drill
read, enjoy
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read, enjoy

seriously, like make an exciting friday night out of it! i do it a lot and get lost and by the end have no idea what happened, it is 2am, blah blah blah.

1//  i did it!! i said i was going to do something and stuck to it this week, i am so excited to keep on going. so you may remember i had this goal of getting up earlier each day and taking some time to find an affirmation or scripture, just something i could use to help me stay aligned throughout my day. i did just that crazier…it did help! like i found myself often times thinking back to my scripture and focusing on it. i think this is going to be a work in progress, i haven't gotten that bang i am looking for…but i am going to keep working at it because i felt great!
i really like not pushing snooze,…

Get up early challenge...

still holding strong. shocking, last night was awful. i slept awful, i fell asleep on time with the alarm ready to go at 545am. not everyone in my house is the most supportive, especially lately…so that made going to sleep and sleeping challenging. 

as i laid there covering my head with pillows, i remembered why i had started this whole challenge. 

you see i wanted to be able to find a scripture each morning, something positive i could read and find a way to relate it into my everyday.  so as i laid there i was gong over exactly that, what i had read over the past few days and it was applying to my exact situation, it was like a light bulb went off! totally freaked me out!!!

so then i told myself this

and i plan on sticking exactly to this motto, that negativity is kicked out. 
up early again and so happy about it. :) 

day 2 I'm up

so today i set my alarm 10 minutes earlier. i did this because i went to bed last night, earlier than i had sunday night, i knew i wanted to bump my time up. 

ideally i would like to hit 530am but for now i will be thrilled with 545am. the weird thing that is happening is that i am waking up several times before the alarm even goes off, it is like my body is creating its own snooze button. it is kind of annoying because i am not looking at the clock, just awake for less than a minute then back to sleep. 
i am really hoping this ends and i sleep better, tonight i am going to try some lavender oil. 

so here i sit, drinking my first 32 ozs of water for the day, with a blanket because i am cold, working on the scripture i am memorizing for the week and even reviewing another one that randomly happened to be in my instagram feed this morning. that one is kind of freaking me out a little bit. 

im tired
i want to go back to bed
i just heard a creepy noise in my garage
but I'm up, completing my …

a new goal…day 1

i did it, i conquered my new goal day 1.

see i am a snoozer, like will do it for hours but i hate it! so i told myself last week that i would start this week of no snoozing. 

i am taking the #getupearlychallenge and have completed day 1.

my alarm went off
i got right up
i got right out of bed
i am taking some time for me each morning

day 1 is complete.
would you like to go on this journey with me? 

oh hey friday…on saturday!

shocking…but we have a pretty free weekend which is crazy and unheard of!

so this is what i plan on doing for the weekend.

but first:
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1// yoga - this week i haven't been able to get my hot yoga in. i have been going twice a week at the minimum while grace is at practice. it works well with dropping her off and picking up so i go get my sweat on. the thing about hot yoga…i just do not understand how my body produces that much sweat! seriously, i am in my down dog and it is literally pouring off me. when i come up and extend my arms over my head, splash splash my sweat is a flying. so sorry for those around me. 
so sorry.
but good lord, i love me some hot yoga and today did not disappoint. 

2// tonight one of my best gal pals is hitting the big 4-0! i can talk about it cause i don't think she reads this and if she…

oh hey friday

oh hey it is 2016, how is that going for you?? did you start on any new paths, free yourself from an old habit in this new year? well i have one good reason why i need to stay on track, but first, lets link up! here is the deal:
and then jump over to september farm and the farmers wife and do the same. 

1//  why am i am staying on point with my fix extreme killer workouts?  because i have a kick booty group of crazy awesome challengers doing it right alongside with me? yes
because i work out with some awesome addicted to beachbody workouts gals at lunch? yes but maybe because i am heading here in just 18 short days!! thats right, i have a very, very, very nice friend that is taking me as her plus 1 on her hard earned trip. thank you kath! ummm puerto rico, seriously??
but in order for myself to swim up to this swim up bar, i need to continue to swim myself into shape with the fix extreme, insanity, and hot yoga. all amazing and well worth it! 
2// what else am i doing to flush …

a new challenge and a new season

those go together right? well lets talk about it.
first up…the challenge, the challenge to drink more water! 
operation chug a lug is going down!  i am hitting the beach in less than 30 days…so it is go time.

who is up for a challenge? a challenge where we commit to drinking more water and getting in 30 minutes of exercise a day. i may just throw in some prizes too, along with some positive affirmations!  
water…there are so many reasons why you need to drink more water, but we will go into those more during the challenge, so for now just know: 
it is free
it is fun 
and you will feel great at the end of the 5 days! 

we start monday, monday the 18th, so this monday! 

are you in?? just message me here and i will get you added to this fun group! 

now on to a new season, we now move into volleyball after the end of a great basketball season. 
for those new to the blog let me introduce to you my oldest off spring…grace

grace is my athlete girl, she loves basketball, who am i kidding, if you live in t…