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here it is… my random throw back thursday. 

these were great pictures, the series of them that is. it was the fourth of july 2009 and apparently J was done taking pictures.  i love so much in this pic:
those thighs…seriously!!
the curls…she still has them and hates them!
that sweet boy with his slicked hair
graces twinkly eye sticking out
chewy waiting patiently
that skinny boy

that green grass, now all i see is white.

oh hey friday…crock pot?

what a crazy busy week, I'm ready for friday and to sit down and read all the oh hey friday link ups! here we go…
you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that's it.

1 - crock pot challenge - first off is crop pot one or two words? crockpot crock pot? spell check recognizes both and on the actual crock pot it is Crock . Pot oh well i digress...
yep, you are being challenge by a crock pot, ok not really…but kind of.  this is a free group i am putting together here are the details:

5 days starting this tuesday the 20th and goes through saturday the 24thclean eating a private facebook group so it is interactive and funinteractive is key, i want to know what you think about the recipes and the clean eatingi provide a grocery listi provide the menu and recipesyou can make substations if neededyou get in by messaging me, that is it! it is just free just send me an email to if you are not on fb that is fine, i can email …

oh hey friday…do you want to place a bet?

you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that's it.

1 - maybe you have set some goals for 2015. would you be willing to put a wager on a weight loss goal? 
not that the scale is the success of your health and fitness, some people become more motivated to stay engaged in healthy eating and fitness when they have a wager on it.  that is where dietbet comes in! i have recently started a Dietbet Challenge with my most recent challenge group, but it is open to anyone, the more the merrier and more important...the bigger the pot! what is a dietbet? it is an online service that allows you to place a wager, $30 in this case, to commit to losing 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.  if you do, you and the rest of the group who has successfully completed this splits the pot. follow this  link for details and to join the simonbob challenge! the challenge is open to everyone, so feel free to invite family and friends. the more who join, the bigger the p…