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want to make a bet?

would you bet on your health improving in 2017?

i know, i know, you always want to and start the year off strong, but if you knew there was cash at the end for finishing, would you bet on yourself?

well you should! and this is how it goes:

beachbody is throwing $2 million into the pot, yep, you read that right starting off with $2m. 

you join me, stay engaged in your workout and log your shakeology and workout in the free app, i provide you the link to join. 

the contest runs january 9- february 5, 2017. you must meet each weekly requirement, which is log 5 shakeology a week and 3 workouts. seriously, how doable is that? of course i will encourage you to stay in it 5-6 days a week, come on, i want you to get the most out of it and get the best of you!

after you meet the requirements at the end of the contest you will win an equal share of the guaranteed prize pool of $2m. 

$2m not enough for you? there is a really good chance this prize may reach $3m! beachbody is adding $5 to the initial $2…

oh hey friday…parenthood edition

i feel like i am loosing my best friend, like he or she is slipping right through my hand and i am clinching, reaching, pulling whatever it takes to keep holding on to them. 
picture it, me hanging off the side of a building just holding on for dear life to the braverman family. 

but first, link up. 

go check out september farm and all the fun link ups! but here are my 5 on friday, all about parenthood and the bravermans. ok i have talked about my love for this show before, but now i am nearing the end of my netflix binge watch, and i can't believe it is over. i mean, I'm not sure why nbc has not yet consulted me but whatever.


1//  max braverman - i mean this actor is brilliant, really awesome. but more so, max braverman has made me cry at least three times this week. when he shows up at the school and his mom welcomes him?? i was sobbing, while running on the treadmill. like, I'm shocked i didn't fall on my face running because i couldn't see through the tears.…

infectious disease?

who remembers having the chicken pox? 
the fever 
the spots 
the itching 
the misery

well i for one, thought they were a thing of the past, that was until monday.

rewind to the weekend.
my gal j had a normal fun weekend. played with friends, went to a christmas party, played in 2 basketball games and spent some time at grandmas putting up some decoration. 
monday morning off to school, per usual. 

monday afternoon she arrives home to show me she is covered in 'bumps' all over her legs and arms. she gets a random bump on her face and hands sometimes, she has for years and then they fade away, but this was cray! 

so day 2 of sabbatical i was off to work to the wellness center to find out what ails my gal, although i had webmd'd it and was pretty convinced. 

the nurse practitioner took one look at her and said 'chicken pox'.
chicken pox? i mean that came into my head, but no fever, no cough, no sniffles, no cold symptoms. 

and what??? she had her immunizations, like, i know she di…

day 1 fail and how i over came it

this whole time i have been preparing for sabbatical my main goal has to be able to focus on being a mom for the next 4 weeks, you know being that mom that makes the kids breakfast, see's them off to school, get them off the bus and gets them to activities on time.

day 1= fail.
715am i wake up and realize....the bus picks up jesse at 7.
that is right, we all overslept!

but, there is a bonus! i am not in a hurry and can easily wake everyone up and take the one who missed the bus off to school. you know, good mom stuff. so impressive i could recover!

grace did point out i haven't made dinner yet, but never, did i ever say i was going to cook dinner, so its not like i made a promise i didn't keep. i think she may be a bit judgy, just sayin.

so in my book, today was really day 1 of sabbatical, and in my quest to be productive, i felt like i was.
everyone woke up on time and i did some laundry. that is success, right?

i am close to completing my netflix binge of parenthood, but…