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tips after tonsils

monday morning bright and early 2 of my girls went in to have their tonsils out. im not much of a remove your organs and surgeries, actually i dont take my kids to the doctor for too much, but this was necessary.

grace gets strep or tonsillitis, ummm...i didnt even know that was a thing until we started this madness, all.the.time. she had strep 6 times in 2016.
mae had tonsils a big as boulders, ok maybe very large river rocks. her tonsils would actually touch each other when she would get sick. that my friends is scary, like she stops breathing scary. she also snores like, well, like her dad, due to the tonsils. most importantly, her breath, like she can knock you over with the dragon breath, with the tonsils gone all of the above should improve.
btw...snoring worse, but im guessing , praying, hoping that is because she is still recovering.

i really liked the tag team thing.
mae went first, after being all prepped in her stylish hat, they rolled her off in a wagon into the or.
i was …
per usual, I'm posting my oh hey friday, on saturday.  yep i am just crazy like that, or maybe because that whole i have to go to work now is cramping my getting things done early on friday groove.
anyway here is the deal: link up back to September Farm read, enjoy and share! 

how is that new years lets get into shape thing going for you?  just to keep the momentum going i am posting my 5 favorite workouts this week, you know, switching it up always helps when that resolution excitement starts to wear off…like now. 
1//   insanity/T25 - 

i am linking these 2 together because they are basically the same, one is just shorter, but just as effective. insanity is my fav to teach, i just love it, the variety, the different blocks focusing on different performances and it is under an hour. it is made up of a lot of the same moves of the insanity home version, but a different format. i just got done with it this am! T25, i love, it is 25 freaking minutes and you are like…'what? i can't be…

middle school optimist…umm the exact opposite of me at that age!

do you remember middle school?

i remember middle school being one of the worst times of my life. not only did i make a couple bad decisions, although rebounded from them, it was rough. 
i had a girl that followed me around growling at me
i had mean girls that would snub me and get the their girls to snub me too
boys were just dumb
i had acne, who am i kidding, i still do, but those same girls were super mean about it

now i do have good memories from middle school too, but that feeling of being worried about who i would talk to some of the days, well that is not a feeling i would ever want anyone to have. 

i talk to my kids a lot about middle school and tell them about the girl who growled at me, yes we laugh about it now, but i want them to know how awful it is.
i have never had to worry about my oldest girl being teased or sitting alone. 
she is a beast and if she sees something out of line or happening to her, she is pretty level headed with a shitty comment, she learned from a pro, and walk…

what?? dry january!

those holidays creep up on you and next thing you know…bam it is january!  are you feeling:


maybe you had one too many cocktails over the past 6 weeks.  my down fall is that darn hot tub, i sit out there gazing in the window looking at my glowing christmas tree and lights, listening to my christmas music and the next thing i know my $3.99 bottle of little koala shiraz is gone-o. 

so i share with you…

1//   stay home - yes, it is a great time to just stay in.  it is cold out there, and the time to watch movies, rest and recoup yourself is now.  just give friends and family the heads up that you are laying low this january.  hand them off that extra booze from the holiday, if there is some! even better you may just save some money too! 

2//   do a puzzle…read a book - that is one of my favorite things to do when staying home.  i am a big fan of puzzles, you can do it any time, for a short little bit or sit down for hours.  this can also give you another hobby when you…

oh hey friday 2017

first friday of the new year, here we go! 

here is how it goes down… read this super amazing post
grab the fun holiday button and add it to your own post
link back to sept farm
tell everyone about it, like everyone, instagram and fb this sh*t! :)

1//   goals, i am all about setting them and all about hitting them in 2017. i have big, huge plans to stay strong this year with them. check back here, because i plan on giving accountability updates on my goals. i haven't shared them yet, some are just too scary, but i am hoping people can relate and as i start to crush them i can give some hope and encouragement to others.

2//  speaking of goals, do you have a health and fitness goal? it is not too late for you to get in on the healthbet with me, starting monday. think get paid some cash to entice you to reach that goal. we are going strong for 28 days and getting a piece of the $2m payout at the end for participating! you don't have to weigh in, and you can read all about the deets here

finish it, even if it is a granola bar.

this is what i felt like during that week between christmas and new years. 
everything seemed to be half done. 
i did get some items checked off my to do list, but the over achiever in me always feels like i can accomplish more. 

a few weeks ago i told someone that i finish nothing, i always have great ideas and good intentions but pulling it through to the end…not my strong trait. 2017 i want that to change. i am being realistic, i know i am not going to finish everything, but i will improve. 

something i did get done, goal setting 2017.

i followed this plan this year and really liked it. i had used the LWSL planner last year, and liked that too, so i am familiar with Ruth's philosophy. 
the goal crushing program is supposed to be done over a week, but the binger i am, i did them all in 2 days. the videos were not long and i listened to them while i walked or ran and then watched them again and took all my notes. 

so i have my plan, i have my really big scary goal and i am committ…