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We cannot stop watching this!  Probably not appropriate for a three year old, but J loves this move! She has watched it on her way to and from school all week and any other random times in the car. We actually sat in the parking lot at Costco so they could finish the movie, just to start it all over again when we returned to the car. Best lines
Marry Christmas!

time is slipping away...

and I just want to STOP it, ok maybe just slow it down some. This baby is 5 months old today! WHAT!?
When did this happen? She is a food eating, getting ready to roll over big old baby. I snuggle her closer & kiss her a zillion times more just because I feel that precious time slipping through my fingers :( That sweet baby sweat smell after she has been laying on me long enough to work up that sweat...dang, i love that and it is something i am just not ready to loose yet. I mean, clearly, she is the smartest baby in the world. She knows when I walk into the room, she is lifting herself up to sit up. She is eating new food, she is doing more & more everyday and it

J has been doing "ballet" this year. I wish I could type it like she says it "Bahhhhllllaaaa"I don't know if she will ever be on the stage for The Nutcracker, but she sure does have a mean plie. (J is the one in the middle)

Meanwhile...her brother who was SO thrilled to be at h…