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day 6

day 6 is finished. i was bummed out about this day of the challenge because i did nothing that day. It was Friday Sept. 21. i stamped a big nothing in green as you can see. i had finished working doubles 3 days prior and had to work that night so that afternoon i napped (i think). although i am a week behind posting my challenge layouts i am feeling glad i am keeping up with it. Today we had Wyatt's Third Birthday Party! he is not three until tuesday but today was a little party with the grandparents, we-we, loelie, & the peters. he had fun...this kid is crazy, CRAZY, CrAZy!. from the minutte he wakes up...just amazes me.
Another amazing thing i this one... really, she is the sassiest thing EVER! i have no dang clue what to do with her. fit throwing, crazy talking, sassy, sweet girl. some days i think i am calling joe frost in for help, i have 20 more years of arguing with this girl?!? this will be my nervous break down. the problem is SHE is ME through and through...SO scary! she…

day 5

i finished another proud of myself. i think by saturday i am going to be caught up. i need to add the picture on this day but i will. it is going to be a picture of jess's new baby logan, cause that is what i was doing of day 5 of the challenge.

i have to work NoT want to but oh well.

also i am having my simply said party wednesday. (thanks lexi, i had said tues. but i mean wed.)
want to come? 630
if you read this feel free, really cool stuff. see my wall below.

day 4...a few days behind

i finished day 4 today, although we are on day 10 of the challenge. i plan to catch up though.

i had a crazy week last week, worked entirly to much so today was spent 'catching up' well catching up after i went into work for a little bit, oh and then handled drama over the phone.
but i am happy to say i got a few things accomplished. i even watched dancing with the stars tonight. Last night i watched the funny. the drunk girl cracked me up, the girl that did the irritating ' i got my eye on you' thing and then whipped out her webbed feet, she HaS to go. I have never been a follower of that show but it just may happen to me this year.

day 3

here it is day three of the 21 day challenge. i am on a roll... must stop now to get ready for work

day 2

tHe challenge is on day 6. i ave just finished day 2 of the journal. i have kept up with my challenge despite the fact i have been working a ton this week. Work actually has been fun this week, i worked in the kitchen 3 days and it was fun.
also yesterday my dearest friend jessica had her most recent baby boy...Logan Reed. So sweet, she was a champ as usual. It is amazing seeing little brand new babies something i dont know if i could ever get board with.

21 day challenge

i have to be so quick here...

when at CE one of the great classes was Rhonna's class making a 21 day challenge journal.

Basically it takes 21 days to form a habit so for 21 days she challedged people to do something they want to change the habit of. I orignially chose to run or walk each day, but ten realized i need to add so muc to that so i added i also need to create balance in my life. tis is probably te worst week for that cause i am working doubles all week for the next 8 days but no time like te present.

so it started saturday... i have finished the journal and now adding each day, i will be beind in posting causse i am sure it will take me a day to finish but here is day 1

on saturday i woke up at 630 (just another challenge i am giving myself) i need to wake up early to be better 'balanced' get things done before i start the day!
We went to do the race for the cure wendy, holly, mary anne, & I. We walked the 5K it was great. It was freezing...but we warmed up when …

spelling & puncuation

i have to give a little explaniation on why my spelling and puncuation is on horrible on tis blog. MY SON... that is the reason. First i need to tell you i have always been a pretty good speller. English (spelling included) was really the only subject in school i liked. My mom, my brother Rob and I used to play spelling basketball each thursday night, Dave Pheneger also used to love to play that game with us. SO i always really liked spelling. Then in high school my first 2 years i had the BeST english teacher Mrs. Sedley. She rocked and still does. She also is so sarcastic and funny. She also has 3 boys...and they are 100% boy 2 of them being twins, i babysat for them i know how crazy boy they are. i still cannot tell them apart, i still keep in touch with her to this day. So english and spelling have always been good to me.
ANYWAY my computer is from 1994...seriously i bought it after i bought my first house. Pete (my dad) put it on the company credit card and took $50.00 out of ea…

Lots accomplished in 3 Weeks

FiNALLy! I must show you this amazing wall saying i had made by Lexi from Simply Said. This thing is awesome...i have not finished putting the frames on it but wanted you to see how cool it is. The top says Family it is in white though so it is hard to see. It looks so good on the blue wall and i am going to add some cool old frames i have disteressed as soon as joel calls me back. (that joel...)

Brooke helped me put it onto the wall and we were just so happy with ow it turned out. Lexi i coming to my house so everyone can see what she and her business Simply Said has. October 3rd. So cool you have to come and check it out. It is very addicting...just what i need. This one i wanted to get up right away though cause i was so excited about it! So I may have actually decorated a room or area in my home i should say. It still needs a new rug and a curtain but that will hapeen sometime. Here is the shelf i added on the other side of the window

I have a few more 'scrappin' things to a…