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i was wrong

I never should have made the switch, just as the saying goes:
that being said I am not moving the blog to wordpress. it was just too confusing for this simple gal.
so get rid of that bookmark and make sure you follow along here for all the updates and fun!

thank you for sticking it out with me. :)

road tripping

Im taking this blog on the road, not really, but I am typing this while on the turnpike heading to chitown to watch my oldest gal play in the windy city national qualifier. so for this volleyball road show the whole squad is in tow, so im sharing my top 5 volleyball tournament traveling tips.

link on up with september farm and the farmers wife but first, leave me a comment, especially if you are one of those volleyabll moms. I am one, we should start a support group, or a hastag, that is for another post though I suppose. either way leave me a comment so I know you stopped by.

1// ez pass - my friend kati says it best 'it is just so easy'. And you know what, she is so right, it is just is so easy. ours is obviously from the great state of OH-IO but it can be used everywhere. if you are not familiar with these, well im not sure where you have been, but I still think your great. basically you load up your ez pass and then cruise right through those toll booths and not have to w…