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oh hey friday!

the details:
here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that's it.  happy weekend! 

1- halloween is today, which is super fun but we do not trick or treat until tomorrow.  in my parts they put the holiday on hold until tomorrow night for the high school football game tonight.  so our fun is tomorrow.  the kids are carving pumpkins tonight, i stay out of that job, here is a favorite pic from pumpkin carving past 

2- last night was a big night in our house, the cavs opener and lebron coming home. i have to be honest here on oh hey friday i sobbed during the whole pre game and if you are from the area and can get through this video without crying, well, then, i am not sure you have a heart. cleveland on three.
3 - speaking of that, this is one of my new favorite songs. i wanted beats last year, but this year, yep again!
4 - and with all this basketball hype lets not forget the 6th grade girls practice season has started.  th…


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chocolate, strawberry, vanilla...

or even greenberry, yum! 
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oh hey friday!

the details:
here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that's it.  happy weekend! 

i am currently, as in right now, attempting to make cake pops.  i am not very hopeful on them being birthday party worthy tomorrow, but i figure i have to start somewhere.  i don't have a picture to share, but i will after, but this is how i am envisioning them in my head but orange and white instead of pink.  

i am 17 days in to the 30 day yoga challenge and i love it.  today while the sweat was literally pouring off my head in a plank, i wondered to myself how i could possibly sweat that much.  it is beyond my comprehension how there is that much sweat in my body.  it is weird, and i realize i am pretty weird here typing about it but it is always on my mind after a hot powerful flow class. 
this is jesse elizabeth simon she just came downstairs and informed she doesn't like her name, i love her name, i named her that because i lov…


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last but not least

this girl, the one who made me a mom for the first time.  i just love her,  her talking back sass her mood swings her sarcastic comments, i have no cue where she gets them from her funny self
this girl hangs out with me and watches house hunters, so fun! i gotta say it is the highlight of my week when she lays in bed with me and we watch shows.  she is a beast and i wonder what happen to my sweet little baby, oh wait, she was never little! 
i am always the first to say that i hate the fact my kids are getting older, i love those baby years.  but i do love how this girl is growing up, and i am kind of liking the middle school years, so far.  i like the conversations we have and the funny stories she shares with me. i like her figuring things out on her own and just as equally seeing disappointment in her life.  
i am grateful that this girl is paving the way for her siblings.  she has opened my eyes to so many experiences we have learned about together.  i am lucky to be this girls mom. 


the boy

first, don't judge me on my blogging frequency or lack there of.  if you want to judge me do so because i just sat down to write this post with a spoon and a half gallon of moose tracks ice cream. fyi i poured chocolate syrup right over it in the container. why dirty a bowl, right?
tomorrow is beta for t25, so i am on a splurge…

back to the family picture sessions. this boy…
secretly, just because my kids don't read this, he is my favorite. i know, i know, everyone says they do not have a favorite, that is just because they don't want to say they do. he is mine.  i think it is because he is my only boy, he just has his way.  he has always had his way since the minute i laid eyes on him and he pooped right on that dr. nice lady, i felt bad. 

he is 9… i mean 10, going through that awkward stage but the past 2 years have been big for him.  he has grown and stepped up in so many ways that makes my heart full.  don't get me wrong, we all have improvements and are a work in…

Jesse 6 going on 16...

part 2 of the family pictures.
today is J, my sassy, smart, sweet when she is sleeping gal.  this girl keeps me on my toes, like keeps my patience in check. when i loose it, she has pushed me over the edge with what she wants to wear.  if she had her way she would be in sparkles, glimmer, tank tops and shorty shorts every day. and her hair…i can't even go into it, every single day her hair is a battle. i try and i try to get her to embrace the curls, each day she stands in front of the mirror brushing her hair straight down. each morning she has me flat iron her hair, so you say why do you do it?  the battle is just not worth it!
my j bird is her own girl and that is the best part about her. 

 she loves her sister, and is so good with her. i just love seeing that sister bond formed.  grace and wyatt always have always been pals, and jesse is usually left out of that mix. j and mae have that sister bond and i just love watching  them together and building that sister bond. :)  
so ag…

Mae Mae

i have been wanting to share the pictures we had taken in August but decided to do so in sections because there are so many and i LOVE them all!  amy has taken the kids pics a several times but my most favorite when was mae mae was 1 week old here she is three years later!  
this girl is a nut! i don't remember the other ones being this nutty or it may be more as she gets away with everything because we all just think she is funny and adorable of course.  i want to freeze time to her personality now, but since i cannot amy did an amazing job of capturing this spit fire!! 
this is her 'i am the cutest and get away with everything smile'.

this is her 'yeah, i all sit here and have my picture taken'
and this one is my favorite…

her slumpy, sitting like a perfect lady (not) got my red boots on my personality is shining through pose! 
these chubby little fingers, i could just bite them!
seriously, could she say cheese any bigger! 
ok, i need feedback fo…

oh hey friday

ok so you may be a bit confused because i am posting about oh hey friday and it is saturday, and maybe i did that last week too, but oh hey friday on saturday is so cool.  here we go…
the details:
here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that's it.  happy weekend! and how cute is Karli…change up the oh hey friday colors for fall…love!

here we go! 1 this boy turned 10…what?!?! (cue tears, my tears)  i realize to you, this looks like a picture of any old fresh new baby right out of the shoot, but you are mistaken i am sorry to tell you.
this here is a picture of the most amazing, kind hearted, intense, sweet, lovable, mess of cuteness, funny, charming, dashingly handsome, smart bundle of boy. 
his day was thursday, I'm not sure if you heard ashton kutcher and his beautiful girl had a baby that same day and named her wyatt! what? her? love it!!! we celebrated with a cookie cake at his request, and his favorite dinner …