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oh hey…again!

here we are, another friday!
this friday is a little exciting though. tonight starts high school football in our parts, so the kids are pumped togo to the game. i like going to the game this time of year, i love hearing the band & it is warm outside. i will say i have cared a little bit more about the team now that i may know a couple players. either way, it is fun.

but what is fun is oh hey friday, so go and link on up!!

1//   let me tell you about last night. i wish i had a good drank to much, danced on the bar or roller skated through the bar story for you, but i don't.
last night i went here and took this lovely little tutorial workshop on lettering, the only problem, i am not so good with the lettering.
so mine looked awful, i was super frustrated and wanted to jab my lovely tombow brush marker into my head. seriously, there were 13 people in this class and i would say at least 4 of them were ready to hand letter their story in beautiful print. mine looked like maybe a re…

it is a lot…a lot in one post!

i haven't linked up in awhile, but guess what, school is back in session so that makes me all about getting back into a routine, so i am back in a blogging routine. 

here we go with a link up. 

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here we go:

1//   we have made it through three days of school, yahoo! it really isn't a yahoo, you know why? it is too darn early for them to go back. i am a firm believer they should get out mid june and go back after labor day. there is still a month left of summer for crying out loud! it is all about the testing, which is annoying. our summer/weather is so limited in ohio, don't take it away!! 

but despite my issues, they left me again. 

my girl is the top dog of middle school, oh the days. i remember getting growled at in middle school and how i spent my nights and weekends, not exactly the middle school years i envision for my bigge…

giveaway! thats right, free food giveaway!

have you tried the super duper popular meal service yet?

you know, the ones that package everything you need up super cute, give you easy peasy to follow step by step directions and then ship it all to land at your door the day you want to impress your family with an amazing meal. like you could really impress someone with this service, i mean do you really have to tell them it was all prepped for you?

well let me give you a chance to try it!
blue apron

so you pick your meal, you know meat, seafood, veggy, there are lots of choices and if you are like me and choices freak you out…well, just pick, you can't go wrong.

you get this super handy card, the one i was saying gives you the step by step directions.

i laid all my ingredients out just to look at them all, i even chopped the veggies and put them in those fancy prep bowls i bought years ago when i was trying to cook more for my family, that never happened, but those bowls are still the cutest darn things, and let me tell you i tot…