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A letter to all my pals.

Dear my dearest friends, every single one of you, extra special love for those I have hit it hard with,
I am retired from drinking and it is not about you. I adore you, and I adore you for exactly the same reason I did 70 days ago!
I stopped drinking for several reasons and none of them are about you: I had mom guiltI woke up feeling remorse the next dayI didn’t want to wonder what I said the night beforeI didn’t want to have to wonder who was mad at me the next dayI wanted to sleep betterI wanted to say I could do something, and stick with it It was not serving any good in my lifeI could go on and on
Note, these are all about me, not about you.Because this is how I feel, and causes and effects from my drinking, not anyone else's. Look at it this way,  when I was drinking I drank wine, sangria and beer, vodka probably a shot or 2.   You may prefer whisky and vodka.It just isn’t the same, just like I drank different drinks than you, my drinking had different affects that were not p…