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refresh & recharge...sw fl

when you live in a cold climate, about late january/early february you need some warm sunshine, like it is imperative! each year, about this time, i need a good dose of vitamin d.  i got just that on my getaway to southwest fl.

thankfully my dad and super awesome step mom made the move south several years ago, they are in a good routine, so i can just jump right in.
not that i don't love my home, and honestly, our winter has been pretty mild, but even so a blast of warm sun can change so much about your attitude.  getting out of the dreary cle cold i had to maximize my time.  i arrived on thursday late afternoon so i could maximize my 3 full days in the sun.

friday - beach day, we get there early to secure a spot and that is it.  sit and soak in the sun.  there is plenty of people watching to be done at the beaches of southwest florida.  now i did walk on the beach a bit and read my book but successfully completed my goal of a solid base for the mission.  this day was topped with a l…