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Hilton Head

We had a great Hilton Head vacation over Spring Break! We were lucky enough to have a house in a perfect location. We stayed at 4 Dinghy in Palmetto Dunes and we will defiantly be heading back next year! The location was perfect and we could not have asked for a more accommodating experience with Luann the owner, she did everything to make our stay enjoyable! We took so many pictures at her beach home one night, just trying to get a good shot. We are just not a photogenic group...but they are great memories! The kids loved playing on the beach, of course. and I really could get used to running on the beach each AM.
We had a pool at the house as well which was a great convenience. The kids loved it! Jesse had a blast just jumping in, she had no fear which was no surprise. She was swimming to the side in not time and getting out by the steps and jumping right back in. My kids are like fish...they love the water. Wyatt of course drinks too much water when he is in the pool...
(sorry Luann!) Th…

i miss joel

i miss my friend so much...i miss joel. i think about him and my whole body feels weighted down with grief, like i am paralyzed. it goes in waves and this most recent wave just sucks. it started towards the end of vacation, i was on the beach in the evening, i remember the exact moment the grief came on and since then i cant seem to shake it. I go back and read his obituary often as sometimes i feel like it didn't really happen, he didn't really die. Sometimes i can still feel the feeling of holding his hand that last day of his life and how strong his hands still were and how dry his skin was .i can feel the exact spot on my hand where he was squeezing my hand. i often question my friendship with him and wonder of i imagined it all & don't know if he knew how much i loved him and depended on him. i just miss joel so much.


We are back from an amazing vacation on Hilton Head Island. WoW did we have fun, we stayed in a great house that was right by the ocean literally less then 500 feet how great to sit outside in the pool but hear waves crashing in the background.Once I get all the pics uploaded and the new blog look i will post the details. For now... laundry grocery clean out car run homework kids ready for school tomorrow HAPPY EASTER!