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5 Health Snacks

so here it is friday again and here I am at another volleyball tournament, so it just makes sense that I share with you my top five go to healthy snacks. these are the ones I smuggle into the tournaments, where they do not allow you to bring your own food, to ensure my girls have something substantial to nourish them throughout the day.
so here is the deal:
link up
teaming up with Karli and amy for five on friday.

like I have said before, I will never understand why these tournaments often time do not have many, if any, healthy choices. so here is what is in our bag for the weekend.

1//   cuties
really aren't these just the best. so sweet, so quick, so easy and yum!!
2//   energy balls - they are just that and you can make them so many different ways adding whatever you would like. I like mine just like this:
1cup old fashioned rolled oats
1/3 cup agave nectar
1/2cup peanut butter - who am I kidding, I add a bit more because I just love me some peanut butter!
1/4 cup ground …

10 on Tuesday

i think that tuesday may be my favorite day of the week. i think it is my most productive day as well. like right now for example, i am multi-tasking by typing this blog post and munching on hummus, i just finished my insanity class with an awesome crew, so productive!
you know why tuesday is also my favorite day? this fun little link up 
10 on tuesday. it is a quick one... just:
1. list up 10 things…anything, like your to do list is fine.
2. link up. check out september farm and read all those links up from there. it is like a little maze of 10 on tuesday lists.

mine…it actually benefits you, cause i am all about you. :)  why you should commit to a fitness program with me:
1//  perfect fit - we, like you + me find the best program that is suited best for you.  one size does not fit all here, everyone is different so we are going to figure this out together and find the right program for you to start and finish. 
2//  me as your coach - this is not a 'here is my link, go buy it you are ne…

a contest for the big game

what big game are you talking about? yes, you may be asking that.
tomorrow ends what is a big event in our house, we are getting ready for one shining moment and the end of the madness. 

most of our brackets are busted but it still keeps us on the edge of our seats and me crying pretty much from the beginning to the end. 
yes i cry.
i cry when they show the pre game stories, you know, the kid that made it to college over all adversities.
i cry when they show the team getting ready
i cry when they come out
i cry when they do the pre game
i cry when they show the families in the stands
i cry when the team looses and they are sobbing on each other
i cry when the winners celebrate and hug their coach
and i defiantly cry through one shining moment…if i am awake

so lets kick off the #summerstrong plan and the march madness ending and make this game a little more fun. now don't get me wrong, i love nothing more than laying my butt on the couch eating chips, popcorn, processed cheese dip, leftover ea…

time for a detox

we all want to do it
we say we are going to start
it sounds so easy
here is how it works, it is so stinkin easy peasy. :) 
this week, together, as a group, we will remind, stay engaged, encourage and motivate one another to drink more water! 
every single time i do this, i feel better, like instantly. 

often times you may think you are drinking enough water, but are you? 
many think it is 8, 8oz glasses a day, but is that really enough? 
are you feeling and seeing the benefits of that? 

after this week of the water challenge you will feel a difference and begin to notice the benefits of flushing out your system with a resource that often times we take for granted. 

i would love for you to join this free challenge by clicking here and paste this into the subject line:
'add me to the water challenge' 
it is just that easy. you will then receive your invite from me and off we go!

as part of the challenge:

determine the amount of water you should be drinking per dayadd some flare …

the most unproductive week ever

that is what this week was, why you ask?
because I was run down by the flu monday afternoon and I have just peeled myself back up. literally.

but I will go into that in my five random, very random, oh hey friday post.

here is the drill
ready, enjoy, comment, link up.
don't forget that comment part.
link on up with september farm and the farmers wife

1//  I don't know what it was, the flu, a cold, some type of crazy something got into my system on monday afternoon that left me unresponsive all week. I could not even lift my head. this was my spot all week, I did not move far from it. on the plus side I spent 4 straight days watching hgtv therefor we will be busy painting cupboard, installing beams in the ceiling, new mantels and floors and than selling our house. :)

2// one thing I did realize on my death bed, can you tell I am not a good sick person? I need more water, so lets do a challenge... a water challenge. message me here, now, to sign up for a free water challenge this we…