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Summer is here!

It is crazy around this house now that summer is here. That last week of school just flies by with all the kids activities and the first week of summer is even worse! It is a good crazy and I often have to stop myself from 'freaking out' (don't kid yourself I still freak out A LOT but I stop myself every few times) and just accept the:

chaosclutter everywheredirty bathroomlaundry everywherepapers everywheredog hairflip flops all overi can't park my car in the garage because in a quick blink of an eye it will be over. (it really doesn't feel like a blink of an eye when it is happening though)

Right now we are gearing up for a crazy, fun filled family vacation. We are thrilled! But before that can happen we have to still focus on everything that is still happening.  This week the two older ones are at basketball camp, which makes the mornings nutty trying to get 2 kids to 2 different camps at 2 ends of the city. Then they have to be picked up and returned to wherever …


Do you follow me on Instagram? Are we Facebook friends? If so then you see all my posts about my love for Beachbody, the products and trying to stay fit, be healthy and set a good example of health & fitness for my children.  Do you wonder what that is all about?  What the heck is this thing called Beachbody?  Who is Team Impact, Team Rockstar, The Wolf Pack or Team Acceptance? I have a group starting and for 5 days I will share the Beachbody opportunity with YOU. This is a FREE limited amount of people group so it is interactive & you can ask questions. Message me at and I would love to add you.

I Love Love Love the Beachbody opportunity, so of course I want to share that.  We all have different goals and reasons & those evolve over time, but you have to start & now is a great time to do so!

I have student loans to pay and they SUCK!  The Beachbody opportunity is helping me pay off those student loans quicker & before I have to send my own kid…