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lots going on

i have been a bad blogger, i am a blog stalker so i so do not like bad bloggers!
these are no excuses but just a few reason i ave been so bad at blogging.

first off i am pregnent again, most of you probably know that BUT i am not a happy glowy, pregnent person. i am chubby, crabby, tired, non motivated pregnent person. I am starting to feel a little more motivated though begining with yesterday!

I have been reading so many blogs that are so inspiring it made me want to snap out of it and get moving! So thank you ali edwards for this...Stacey Julian & Cathy Z. for this, it is so helping me be organized for this crazy month of December. I did find some inspiration in those over the past few weeks! What is so inspiring latley is Tim Holtz' blog man that dude is AMAZING. I so plan on sitting down and working on a tag album of these! I did order these two things from The Anywhere Studio which i cant wait to work on!

second i am back in school, i started in october but now i am in my l…