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get up early…can you do it?

do you tell yourself over and over this is the day i am going to get up early? 
to enjoy some silence alone before the chaos of the day starts? 

i do

let me tell you how successful i have been at that… a three day streak and then done. 

not this time though, how does the saying go? 

it is all going to change monday.
are you in with me? 

see the thing is on the weekends, i get up early and love it, i love the morning when everyone else is asleep. i love to get the kitchen cleaned up while the sun is shinning in and everyone is quiet. i love to get my run in. i love to do my workout. whatever it is, i always feel so much better when i get it done in the early am. 

i can do this during the week too. 

i am going to give myself some guideline, it does not at all mean you have to follow these guidelines, but i have to have something to stick to, I'm just that kind of girl. 

i can hit snooze once. once, that is all. 
           now this is coming from a serious 9 minutes sn…

the birthday gal

i know, all the moms and dads say it. they warn you when you have kids it flies by, and that has happened...

this sweet baby is 5 today.


what a perfect piece to complete the puzzle of our squad. she is a little piece of everyone wrapped into her crazy self and i don't even remember life before her.

this here was my favorite picture:

i so remember laying her sweet little sleeping head down on this wood deck, thinking, most people would not lay their newborn baby on this, but it is going to be the cutest darn pic, the things we do for a great picture. you will be happy to know i did brush all the debris and ants away first. 
anyway you can read the original post with these shots here
so for today, as you can imagine i am super grateful for this sweet gal and all the joy she has brought to my life and i am sure a few others too. 

for her love of her sisters and brother
for her kindness
she is a good listener (at school)
her raspy party girl voice
her fierce com…

oh hey friday…grateful edition

I'm still keeping on with my grateful posts and mixing it in with oh hey friday.

i havent lined up in awhile, so lets go back to it.
5 anything, 5 something, you pick just link it back here to september farm and the farmers wife. leave a comment here too so i know who to go and read along with. 

oh and how cute is this summer badge that goes with it?? 

so lets talk grateful, these of course are in no particular order. :) 

1//     my virtual beachbody groups - so grateful for this, for so many different reasons. when these girls get together on an app and get to encouraging, swapping stories, tips and recipes only good comes from it all. these peeps are from all over and working hard to crush fitness goals. now of course that makes me super grateful but more so is that these gals have become my friends, like real friends and i love that. we are in the trenches together making changes within ourselves that is making us better friends, moms, wives, daughters, aunts, uncles, husbands, c…

our home

this one is tough, so i may as well get it done first! 

i am super grateful we have a home, let me start with that.

there are 1 zillion things i would change about this home, but again i am super grateful we have a home. 

my kids freaking love this house, i talk about moving all.the.time.
because i really do want to move, and i am hopeful that will happen, but my kids do not even want to hear of it. i don't even want to move out of the town they go to school in! I'm not suggesting even  a 30 mine radius, you would think i am talking about moving across the globe, although i would love that too! i have a vision of me fixing up an old home, saving it, bringing it back and have had that vision for years. it just has not yet worked out for me. 

so if i am not bringing an old home back, i do like this location and potential of all the things i can do with my current home when i win the mega millions next week. ;) 

like bump this wall out and make a huge eat in kitchen, where everyone can…


i have been working on this thing this year, focus more on what i have and being grateful for everything around me. 

are you a list keeper? 
that is what i am doing, each day i try to add a few new things to my list that i am grateful for. 
really, i try to focus on the things i don't think about too often but take for granted such as: clean waterhealthy kidsmy jobgood schoolspeanut butter you get my drift. it keeps me focused on the good and what is all around me that i need to turn my attention to and be grateful for. seriously, we should all be more grateful for peanut butter!
so, with that little background i am going to be sharing more about what i am grateful for here on the blog. i fell like if i share will all 26 readers i have then it helps me to stay on track and keeps me focused on sharing and remembering all those little items i have in my life that add up to one amazing life. 
do you want to join me?  what are you grateful for? 
really, you can share in the comments here, send…