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sabbatical good mom goals!

you may have heard me mention a time or 2 that i work at the most amazing company, well i do. we have some awesome benefits and perks such as:

onsite day care
cedar point day (my favorite)
great parties
nail salon
hair salon
dry cleaning
fitness center
volunteer time off
and the list goes on…

but starting the first week of december i will be taking part in a great one, sabbatical. 

sab·bat·i·cal səˈbadək(ə)l/ noun 1. a period of paid leave granted to a college teacher for study or travel, traditionally every seventh year. "she's away on sabbatical" adjective 1. of or relating to a sabbatical. 2. archaic of or appropriate to the sabbath.

that is right, i am not a teacher, but we get a 4 week sabbatical after 8 years of service. now many people travel, maybe get a certification they have always wanted, do some crazy once in a lifetime opportunity. me, i am being a mom for the month of december. 
what? you already are a mom.
i am going to be that stay at home mom for 4 weeks. it wi…

friday on saturday!

look at this new fall badge karli designed! isn't it so fun.

friday works like this, write about 5 topics, any topics and then link back to karli and amy.
you will just got lost in the reading fun, seriously, i get lost in blog land all the time.

but anyway…here i go

1//   friday night lights, yep, that is why i am bloggin on saturday! Our bulldogs won their first state championship game last night, and it was great. they were the under dog, they lost to this team earlier in the season, and they improved in an area of their game and won! it was so fun, such a good game and i just love sitting with my pals at the game. fun!
oh and have you watched friday night lights? if not, do it now. bing…totally worth.

2//   another bonus to that bulldog win was it took away the sadness from thursday night. our tribe came up short against the cubs, just in case you live under a rock. the thing is, you just can't be disappointed. our teams have brought championships to this city, we may have…