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Closet to Cubby

There are 2 things I have been wanting to accomplish for about a year:

Swap the 'Scrappin' room for a locker/homework room for the kidsTake the small closet out and switch to a cubby with a bench
Number two on this list is almost done, and number 1 is right behind! This is what the closet looked like before, minus the coats, crap and door.

just a plain old white coat closet when you come through my garage door. Across from the plain old closet was a white wall, that I had painted a chalkboard on oh about 3 years ago. I had big plans of writing clever inspirational things on this chalkboard...yeah that did not happen so much.  there were the four little hooks to hang the kids coats on. This was annoying because there was always more than one coat or item on each hook, so it got very bulky. The short little hallway is pretty tight so if I was carrying in a person or bags, something always go knocked off. 
the new space...!!!: the picture isn't the best to show how great it is, b…