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The end of a Swing

I love my Friday nights catching up on all the blogs I read. I am still working on watching some Vimo videos I want to catch up on. I love sitting down and reading, finding inspiration and just catching up for an hour.
This week was a little nostalgic for me :( I spent the week pricing baby/toddler/kids clothing for the PTA Bargain Bonanza sale. I priced 300 items (I could have doubled that but they cut me off at 300) and each little sweater, shirt, jammy, onesie, sock, bib and hat held a dear memory for me. I think the toughest ones were all Wyatt's clothes. I think because the girls clothes I have seen several times over the years. With the boy clothes I have not seen them since the day I put them in the bin. Dang that kid was dressed well & always looked way cool. It broke my heart to see all the tiny things he wore when he was a sweet little baby boy, then the chubby phase, and believe it or not he was a CHUB, then back to his little skinny self.

getting a fresh cut 2 week…