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37 weeks

I am right in the middle of 37 weeks pregnant, and although i am uncomfortable, have cankles, VERY crabby, cant breath, spider veins, my fingers look like sausages, i pee at least 6 times every night, can't sleep, cant get comfortable, am out of clothes, and tons of other ailments, I am trying to embrace it.Mainly because I know this is the last time I will feel this way, as annoying as it is and as much as i am ready for this little person to come out, I am trying to just take it in and remember it all. Part of me is concerned labor will go to quick...and i will miss that anticipation of him or her being born. I want to be able to remember every little detail cause it will be the last one. I already know all the little milestones this new baby will have will break my heart a little bit as I will not have a little newborn again. I am very certain that this is the last one, and feel i have been blessed beyond measure with my little beasts...but I am sad that this phase is almost ov…


I am not sure if that is the correct spelling but I have them.... cankles


Friday was a great day for Wyatt. Sports, a touchy subject, the main reason my kids are active in sports is to keep them active all year long. They play soccer all winter indoors, then move into the summer outdoors. Summer brings softball/baseball, Grace's team is fun to watch, she has great coaches and likes the game, she does well. Wyatt...well...he isnt the picture of an athlete, nor does he have any instincts some kids his age have. He goes to the games, plays in the dirt if he happens to get in the infield, his goal thus far had been to be the dirtiest one, that would be from picking up the dirt and dumping it on himself. It is coach/player pitch and the kids are all 7-9 years old, so he is clearly the youngest and the smallest. (That would be his parents fault, they could not withstand another year of tee ball so bumped him up a division) Anyway...Three games into the season Wyatt still had not gotten a hit, it is pitiful, he goes up there in his too big shirt and too big ba…

Bullet Points

I am not a fan of typing in a bunch of separate posts in one day with all different topics. At night when i cant sleep, I think I should just come downstairs and blog...that will bore me to death, my own life! So instead of doing a bunch of past posts i am doing a bullet list of things i should have blogged about, but didn't. Mainly because when I look back in 3 years, when I am trying to remember something maybe this will jog my memory!Relay for Life was last week...great cause, we walked all night (i think we were the only team that did) I believe a total of 100k was raised for American Cancer Society.Relay for Life was great but makes me miss Joel so much the whole weekendI am HUGEMy fingers look like sausages and my feet are fatI may soon not be able to refer to the White Trash Pool as the White Trash Pool. The deck is almost finishedBrenda & I had flower day!! It is my favorite day of the year. I got some great stuff and made beautiful pots, I need to add some more but th…

Jesse is 2

Although I am late, I wanted to post some pics of J's Sweet but Sassy birthday. Her only request for the party was to have we had meatballs with a LOT of candy! Her cousins were here which was her other request, she wanted Alec at her Birthday. Not that she doesn't love all her cousins, but Alec is the one she talks about all the time. I cant believe she is 3, where is the time going? :( and all the things she says and does. She is SO independent and such a big girl.
Here the table is set for her day! two sucker trees! Sweet but Sassy water silverware tied with candy necklaces.