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gotta love a crackhead

i watched this movie again the other night with jim & kim (and random GIRLS that interrupted) it just made me like the guy even more then i already did.
i kept telling jim he wrote that song hurt but me singing it just didnt remind him. so i added it here so all who read this can remember.
johnny is looking bad here, but give the guy a break, he had been through a lot.
scroll all the way down to the end of the blog so you can see the video, it's cool, his life. we could all be fortunate enough to have a video flashback of our own lives someday.

He's 2!

and that is what he will tell you! Yesterday was his party & boy did we have fun, yea we! i think mom had more fun then him!I have been working on my BPS class. I was 2 weeks behind but caught up, finally. This week is a self portrait, that is hard for me. Like alot of people i do not like pictures of me, i do not want to look at pictures of me, so therefor it will be VERY hard to scrap me. Maybe i will post it when i finish it, we will see if i like it.I also need to get started on my CJ album. I am excited for this project so i fully intend to get started with the album cover tomorrow night. I have chosen my theme, MUSIC. I have so many good songs that i just love. i decide when driving tonight, listening to my ipod very loud and singing at the top pf my lungs that was going to be the theme. This is how i work, i get a new song, i then download it and then play the life out of it for the next few weeks, then dont listen to it for awhile. I'm weird like that. Anyway when i g…