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It is time to start again!

My T25 Challenge Group is kicking off April 14th. Would you like to join? Watch this video to find out what a Challenge Group is all about.

Let me tell you some of the reasons WHY you should join my group:

You want to make a change with your fitness goals You want to get strongYou want to have more energyYou need the motivationYou need the accountabilityYou don't have a workout partnerYou want resultsYou have a vacation coming upSummer is weeks awayIt is only 25 minutes a day, Monday - Friday, 10 weeksIt will take you right to the first day of summer, bathing suit!!! Are you ready to make that change? Do you want to loose inches, pounds and just plain old get stronger?  I can tell you, each time I do a move and feel myself getting stronger, can hold that plank longer, can fully engage my core it just plain makes me happy. 
Here is what you need to do: Message me at with questions, concerns, more details or just anything! Log on and pur…

Vita Mix+PB2+Shakeology=Amazing

I love my chocolate Shakeology, that is no secret, but I wanted to branch out and try a new recipe and boy is this one is good stuff!!!

I started with this of course, my trusty Vita Mix 5200
**would you like free shipping on a new or refurbished Vita Mix machine? use this code when placing your order online or at the Vita Mix store 06-009319**

I added 8 oz of H2O and my single serving packet of goodness, Strawberry Shakeology

1.5 tbs of PB2

threw in about 4-6 oz of vanilla almond milk and some ice. Blended in my super machine and viola…best Peanut butter and jelly Shakeology! It not only tasted amazing, I am getting over 70 super foods into my system that I would never be able to get with just a regular clean diet. It is my Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition and I love it. I have better energy, my sweet tooth is satisfied, I feel great and it reduces my cravings. Really, I cannot say enough good about this part of my day, I am craving it just typing this! You should try it, really, it is t…

Boy, basketball & I use the word pissed a lot.

It is a love hate relationship with the boy and basketball…we all love it, he hates it. Well, he says he hates it but secretly he is starting to like it, I can tell. He has to right? He comes from a genealogy of basketball well beyond his parents. When I was young, life, literally the beginning of my life, revolved around a basketball game. One shining Moment was played at our wedding! He has been wearing basketball shorts since he was born, so he has to be a basketball player, right?

He worked really hard last summer at camps and clinics and improved on many of skills, like everything with him his focus wasn't there yet but I really saw him trying. He needed to get skills just to be able to prepare to try out for a team.  He tried out for a team this fall and got cut. I was pissed! Not pissed he didn't make the team (in hindsight him not making it was the best thing for him, he would have learned nothing, he would have hated it & I'm sure the coach would have not beed …

Full Moon

Boy yesterday was one crazy day. Do you ever have those days where everything is just out of whack? Crazy? Nothing feels to be falling into place? That is how yesterday was for me. While I try to eat clean as much as I can, yesterday day was day 1 of my 5 day Clean Eating Challenge. I really needed this and always feel amazing during and right after and so far this time has been no different. My problem yesterday though was I did not nearly drink enough water and boy did I pay for that by dinner time. I had a HUGE headach and when I got home everything was out of sorts. I had my regular things to get done but it was all just out of place and order. My plan was to get plenty of rest which means go to bed by 8:30 and at 10:30 I was still up trying to finish up.

What I did do that was amazing was got back on the mat for a hot powerful flow class that was just what I needed. :)  (I hadn't been to yoga in 2 weeks due to my FL trip and crazy schedule last week) For that one hour I was r…

sports, kids and a breakdown!

My weekends for the past few months have been in gyms, not the whole weekend (although some weekends it has been the whole weekend) but at least one day of the weekend. So today when I asked the 2 older kids if they wanted to go to basketball skills today and they both responded 'no' I have to say, I wasn't too broken up about it.

Yesterday Grace's U11 team won their tournament for the third week in a row. These girls are just a great group of girls. They have worked their butts off for the past 3 years and they have such a great team bond. They are different ages, and have different friends but they are a team and it is awesome! and really how cute is that little manager on the bottom right!

I have to admit, I had a little breakdown a few weeks ago and just snapped from the whole living in a gym thing. It was a rough weekend, we had volleyball all day, 2 basketball games after the all day volleyball and I had been inside a gym for 15 straight hours. My other kids were…

Clean Eating 5 Day Challenge

Join me Monday for five days of a clean eating challenge. It is free, I give you the grocery list and recipes & encourage you along the way. It is free, you can do this for 5 days!
 Message me at and I will get you the grocery list.

Spring today Winter tomorrow

Today was what happens each year, about this time. We get our hopes up, some people bust out the flip flops, lots of fresh pedicures, open up the windows and doors and then we are smacked back down about 12 hours later. That is what is happening outside right now. We had a 'sight' of spring the past 2 day, temps above 50 and some peeks of the sun. Over the next 8 hours that will change, the rain has started, then turn to ice, followed by 8-12 inches are expected. The good news? 1. It won't be 8-12 inches, they always say it is way worse than it really is. 2. This should be about the last time this happens. While I won't say it will be, as mother nature usually turns on us again late March early April, it this point I start to know the end is near.

BUT in 76 short days it is Memorial Day and you know what that means…the KICK OFF for summer. This also means bathing suits are moving in quickly. Prepare for that this year, commit to a fitness program for the next 90 days s…

Home & time to EAT CLEAN!

We are home! We had a great 5 days in Florida and although we hated to leave it was good to come home. I missed all my other people!! Our last day in Florida we started off by heading to the farmers market, I just wanted to buy all the fresh fruits, veggies and flowers but was pretty sure they were not going to allow me on the plane with them.
we wanted to go to the pool before we left, so J and I headed over for a couple of hours for our last minutes in the sun. Boy, I did not realize how hot the sun was. I was good with sun block all week until that last day. It felt chilly out but those rays got us good! We both came home good and pinchy!  This is a great picture of J and the beautiful palm tree in the background, I should have jumped out! I posted this on Instagram. (you can follow me on Instagram as @simonbob)
Each time we have to say goodbye it stinks, yes I know, I know, you are not supposed to say goodbye, but we do and it stinks. We all end up crying every time, it is awful! …

FLA continues

I could get used to the vacation, no responsibilities life. This is how my day works:
wake upwork out  T25 (I brought it with me)beach/pool meaning beach and/or poolrun (I am trying to be a runner again)showerlattedinnersit on the couchbed Which brings me to today it was both a beach and pool day. We headed off to Barefoot Beach in the morning, when we arrived it was sunny but crazy windy and the water was rough. We hung out and J played in the waves as much as she could, not too much or she would have been taken out to sea, and then the rain came in. It literally rained for 10 minutes then blue and beautiful, but still super windy. We tried to brave out the wind but ended up heading back to the pool. Which was fine with me. So J and I had some quality pool time which was great!

This is how it rolls in retirement Florida, that is it, that was a full day! We did head out to the stores after my run part of the day. We were looking for a new FGCU shirt for the kids. What a great campus, …

Mama & J, FLA

I am currently into Day 2 of Mama & J, FLA., meaning Jesse and I go to Florida. It has been great. It is a whole new perspective to be with my child, who is the third child of four, alone without her Dad or siblings. She is a talker, I remember when she was smaller when we would travel to and from work together everyday and she would talk and talk and talk, the whole way. That talker has been in full force since Tuesday morning. Her alone with me, one on one is a whole different kid. There are traits about her that are clearer to me, little things I notice about her and her personality and how it aligns with the dynamics of our family. She craves the attention, the alone time, and the attention. I notice how her personality is so different from her older siblings and there traits when they were her age. It is just amazing to me, how I have raised them all the same, but they are so different.

The other thing about Florida I wasn't prepared for is the weather. Yes, Florida weat…

Beachbody Journey

I have always tried to be active. I have ran for over the past 20 years, sometimes a lot sometimes a little but have always been pretty consistent. That was until this past October. I finished my 4th marathon last October, I had trained great, did all my long runs, speed training, tempo runs consistently. I was so happy when I was done, I had finished in the time frame I wanted to be at and felt ok at the end and said to myself at the end, once again, I am done running marathons, I am a halfer girl here on out. After the end of that marathon a friend of mine and I had taken a picture together, that was my eye opening moment that something HAD to change. I looked at that picture and was disgusted with how I looked. It wasn't the salt lines all over my face and shirt or the wangers of my hair it was my chubby self. I had just completed 26.2 miles, burned over 1800 calories for probably the 6th weekend in a row, was in great shape cardio wise and I was bigger than ever! On that dri…