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(he really does LOVE her!)
School is back in session! This usually makes me sad each year. I do not like it when summer is winding down, days get shorter, nights get cool, kids back to bed early & up early. This year though...way different story...GOODbYE older two...have a great day!! ok so about 1pm I did start to miss them. I do not miss:the name calling the tattle telling the door slamming the junk everywhere the crying the hitting the wet floors from the pool feet the screaming the capri sun wrappers all over the yard but I was very happy for them to come home.
This girl is a third grader and I know she will do GrEAT! This boy is a first grader and is very excited to buy lunch!
Rosa Parks here tried to sneek on the bus on the first day, she got up three stairs before she got kicked off. but she went down kicking and screaming! (here is her brother pushing her out of the bus line)
so my days are now dwindled down to 2, two small little people, and only one can talk but she talks enough for a…

New Pictures

How cute is Amy sending me this awesome little package: and in this little package was all this goodness

She is calm, which makes me a little less of a freak during the session. GO to her Facebook page and 'Like' her page, then post on her wall telling her I sent you there!

1 month

This baby is 1 month...WoW I am amazed how the time is flying by!She spent her 1 month birthday at the Wild Water Adventure Water Park with her sisters, brother & cousins. She had a great time and so did they! It kills me she is 1 month already...I know, I know, that is not old by any stretch of the mind, but in my mind she is downright old! She is doing the following in her 30 full days of life: she loves to be held...yes, that is my fault but I dont care!she is not a big fan of the swingher ears are no longer scrunched upshe is getting chubbyshe has shoulders like a linebackerhas a sweet hairy backher cord fell off on July 28thshe will give a smile every now and thenshe gets crabby about 6-8pmshe gets carried around in weird ways, multi-taskingshe likes to have her hair washedshe has been to Starbucks more than any other place, she may not always get out but has been thereshe stays awake a little longershe sleeps 6 hours at nightshe loves to sleep all swaddled upshe prefers to sl…
Two weeks ago Joel's son Josh got married (Congrats Joshua & Katie!) I was able to go to the reception for a bit, it was fun, but made me miss Joel so much again. Of course I forgot to leave the card with the gift. When I got to the reception it was beginning to pour, and they move all the gifts inside, so I just never made it in. (It was an outside reception) This week I finally dropped the card off for them, so I had called Josh to let him know, and it was like speaking to Joel, which totally freaked me out. We were getting ready to hang up & he said, 'I gotta get back to it' which is a total Joel line he would say all the time. It was so weird hearing Josh say that, who sounds like Joel. So it could be the crazy baby hormones, but that led me to tears for the car ride home. Joel is laughing at me now from somewhere with these three sassy girls. His favorite age is what Jesse is now & I just know he would be loving the sas I get from her each day. I am sure h…

my 38th year

Last week i turned 38, so i decided to log how i spent the first day of my 38th year:woke up feed got Mae dressed sit & stared at Mae until the others woke vacuumed got 2 breakfast got myself dressed got the other 2 kids dressed coffee got the most amazing flowers feed again worked out showered and got myself normal looking feed again crocker park APPLE store anthropologie (not a good store to go to with 4 kids but LOVE IT) waited for a good storm to hit us good storm passed us by feed again Graces championship game wanted to go here but did not make it due to event above stared at Mae feed again ate stayed up too late playing with my 'I'm 38 and have had 4 kids gift' feed again

WoW...again there are tons of things i need to post about, but just never find the time. I NEED to make the time! It keeps flying by and I forget what it is I want to remember.
I took Grace for some girl time with mom last Saturday, we went to see Taylor Swift and again she loved it! She was so sweet, as we were walking to our seats she just looks at me and says 'Thank you Mom, for bringing me here tonight!' I just love her & how grown up she is, ok bums me out too, but i feel like she is just a good kid and that makes me feel like I may have done one or two things right in this life. She has been such a HUGE help with Mae. She will hold her so I can shower, or work out or clean or whatever it is I may want to sneak in. Wyatt is just Wyatt, he LOVE his baby sister, but the other 2 I am pretty sure he is ready to trade in. He has had a little 'Shark concern' this week because Grace has been watching Shark Week on the discovery channel. Well she asked him if he wanted…