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A weekend home!

I am so excited for the next 4 days…it is the little things, like being home!  This weekend is the first since December:we don't have basketball tournamentwe don't have a volleyballonly 2 commitmentsonly 1 sporting event I have SO many things on the ToDo List I had to download a new ToDo List app! I just keep adding things one after another. If I get 10 out of the 50 I will be thrilled. Most importantly I will be planting and getting some much needed outside clean up done.  (Yes, the inside of my house is a wreck too, but I am focusing on one little area at a time.)  
In my mind my flowers will look like this
My back patio like this:
and I am still brainstorming for front patio ideas. 
yes, there is tons to do on my To Do List but tomorrow is the top one!  Thankfully, I work for an amazing company that has an awesome culture.  Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year…Cedar Point Day!! 
Oh my, how I love this day!  Really, when there is talk of eliminating events I start to panic…

Post-op frustration


i could keep going on but I won't.


I had an appendectomy on Monday, obviously I wasn't expecting it and boy was it painful.  It started on Sunday evening about about 5pm and I just assumed I had food poisoning.  About 10pm I told Todd I wanted to go to the hospital, and I am pretty sure he thought I was nuts. My mom came and took me, because Todd needed to stay home with J, who was sick every half hour herself. (it was a rough Sunday evening in this house) By the time we got to the emergency room I.was.a.mess. Sweating, Shaking, Crying just an ugly mess. Not to mention, when I left the house I was not in my finest attire, actually I was in the worst. Worst sorts bra, worst tank top, you know the ones that are all stretched out so the said worst sports bra is hanging out from under the said worst tank top.  Seriously, it was gross.  Thankfully, I had a hoodie on, but after the sweating, shaking and crying, blood tak…


Are you ready to start a fitness program but just do not know where to begin? Is it overwhelming? Do you not want to step into a gym? Are you afraid of failing?

You just have to start… Start by doing what is necessary... Select a fitness program! I WILL help you with that. Set some goals and based on those goals we can find a program that is right for you. 
You want to burn calories?
this program is on sale and focuses on HIIT training & you will burn some a whole bunch of calorie junk! Plus it is fun, fast and great music! Chalene is a firecracker and you will love her! 
Is time an issue?
Tony Horton has packed his amazing cut yourself up and get ripped workout into 30 minutes! Do you think you cannot do P90X? you are wrong! You CAN do this workout! This Challenge Pack is also on sale.

Do you need the entire package (like me)? Not only do you need to start a fitness program but nutrition is a huge part too! 

This program is the key. Not only do you have a variety of 30 minute work…

This little group of mine...


As I posted about here I went and got my INSANITY certification last month. I sent out a Facebook message, tweet, Instagram telling everyone to come and I could not have been more THRILLED with the turnout! These friends worked their butts off and we realized we needed a bigger room to accommodate everyone and all the moving! (Burpees are tough when you are bumping into people) I had to switch the day, it is now on Wednesday's from 7-8pm at the Community Center for all you local friends! It was a bummer that day did not work as well for everyone, but the bigger space was defiantly needed. Watching the work they put in each week inspires me, and wants them to succeed with their goals. I will do whatever it takes to help them along the way. Weather that be once a week or with another program, changes are happening and positive results come from that, which is just awesome!!

I love having those types of people in my life, those that lift you higher!

My next little group…