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First Day

She is a second grader:
she is sassy she spilled purple nail polish on her carpet just 12 hours prior she LoVEs to watch TV she is smart her favorite thing to tell me is 'No' she sleeps in her new loft bed she makes me laugh she is sarcastic...really? and I am thrilled she is mine, just the best parts of her dad and I.
He is a Kindergartner he is mean he is a a heartbreaker he LoVEs video games he is smart he eats all the time he is fast he is a negotiator he is a story teller and I am never surprised by him. He just has a personality, not sure where he gets it.
He left on the bus today What a crazy feeling when your child is getting on the bus for the first time. I am thinking who is going to watch him, he is a wanderer, they will loose him. I don't know this lady driving the bus, he is going to get annoyed and call someone a loser, he is going to drop his pants and shake his dupa, he will get hungry and angry, they don't know he loves mazes, they will need to give him puzzles, if he gets…


Last week I went and purchased all the school supplies. This trip is insane! People fighting over bins stuffed with crayons, scissors, folders, pencils, markers and snatching them up like they are gold. I do not take the kids with me on this trip, people are mean, mean, mean in the school supply aisle. Complaining about the items they can't find, the fact they have to buy supplies, it is miserable listening to them. The best are the ones with their kids, they are arguing, and it just does not seem to be a fun experience for anyone involved. That is a bummer, I would think kids would be excited about FRESH new school supplies, my kids loved seeing them all on the table the next morning, waiting for them to check them out and figure out who got what. After I went through all the bags and got items labled this is what i ended up with: all the supplies needed for 1 first grader & 1 kindergartner.


I was productive tonight... amazing!
completed a digital layout...WoW! ran swam with kids updated blog...twice! updated blog header cleared out my email read some of my book
I want to share with you..not that I have many blog readers. Amy Eldridge, I met Amy through my friend Becca. She came to my house and took AmaZinG photos of my kids. It was great, I of course walked away cause i get way stressed out when they are getting their picture taken, with her though, No stress! She is a mom and knows how to work with the children and adapt to them, she does not take those staged pictures she just captures them doing what they are doing. She got great pictures of them, and I cannot wait for her to come back again, again & again! She is working on her site so email me if you want her contact info. So here are a few:
Another great place I started going to today is Yoga 101 Studio. It is located right in Berea, convenient, and it was a great class. I wanted to start incorporating Yoga into my worko…

bloggin again

I'm back and the problem was google...annoying. I could not remember my eblogger password for the life of me! They would only email it to an old email account I no longer had access too...SO annoying! So i had to reactivate my old email by paying $12.95 to get my password, if not i would have had to create a new free blog. Crazy.
It is summer, well summer is winding down, I just love summer. I love the heat, I love it when you step outside and you can't breath heat, it hasnt been like that in a few days and I have a feeling we may not have many more of those days left this summer. The kids head back to school in a few weeks. They have had a great summer at home with Grandma. They have been very busy with swimming, piano, library, parks and tons of fun stuff. They both played baseball and had fun. Grace's team was a great experience for her, excellent coaches, all her friends & she even made a few plays and had a couple hits!
July 4th was fun! The older 2 kids were in the …