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First day(s)

My peeps are back into the swing of things. I love these first few days when there is no arguing, (well I should say limited arguing) friends bounce out of bed and get dressed quickly! We skip downstairs were we share a warm breakfast around the table...Ha! Ok so they come downstairs and have cold cereal with some microwaved sausage. any whoo here are three, only two going on the bus that day, on the actual 1st day.

Jesse's first day was 2 days later. This girl has been trying to get on that bus for 3 years! Every other year she has walked right on with the big kids hoping we wouldn't notice! This year she got to go on legit!  grace 5th, wyatt 3rd jesse k mae heading to red Here they are all lined up getting on, notice Jesse is last in the line, Grace first of course, she isn't worried about J! she did sit with her on the bus and made sure she got on her transfer.
Still last ready to go, not nervous one bit, a little quite but defiantly ready for kindergarten! Gave me a hu…