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What a productive day today has been! Grace had spent the night at her friends so after we picked her up it was right to the grocery, although it is a chore getting through with 3 crabby kids if it is done early it is so much better then sitting around dreading to go. After the grocery is the harder part of putting it away, and purging all the stuff from the week before that wasn't used (so annoying). I volunteered on Friday at the food bank which made me feel more guilty about the amount of food we throw away. it is awful. I was able to work on a few more projects this afternoon which made me happy, it is good to accomplish things that you want to get completed.
Here is one more card i finished with the Jenni Bowlin cards, I really like this one with my pal Joel on it.

I played with the glitter mist today and boy was it fun. I was able to take the boring old frames that i had the kids pictures in and make them look great! I just glitter misted the mats and then added ribbon around…

A couple pages

This one was for a design layout on SISTV I haven't uploaded it yet. This is what i didi with the PSE elements pic i made, nothing too special
These are the Jenni Bowlin tags from 2 years ago i have never finished just a layout of the first day we dropped off Grace at Preschool. Wyatt was happy to see her go :(
ok this one really doesn't count because i didi the layout years ago and just added the pics this weekend. Not happy with my picture arranging.

So I was productive a little bit. I am going to work on one more fun thing tomorrow I am excited about. I will post if it turns out well
Oh and one more shot, just cause how cute is this baby who fell asleep in the grocery cart.


i actually accomplished something in Photoshop was somewhat easy and i am excited to do more digital scrapping. I have not been as productive as i would like, but there is still today to kick some pages out. I also am going to work with glitter spray later today. That will be fun.

Good bye Joel

I lost my friend today, i lost him entirely too soon and very quickly. One week ago i was walking with him talking about how he was going to attack the cancer to try to beat week later he is gone. Joel is the strongest person I know and he was the strongest at the end, fighting the disease to make the most for those around him, only thinking of others never himself. His girlfriend, his kids, his family he was trying to make everything easier on them. He asked me last week 'What can I do for you?' I love Joel with all my being, he was so dear to me and each day without him will get easier but i will never loose each cherished memory i have of him. My heart is broken and i am so so sad, but i am also grateful. I am grateful that i spent over 20 years of my life as his friend, grateful i was able to sit with him today and hold his hand, and grateful of every moment i spent with him. i love you Joel...


I have a dear friend, his name is Joel. We have been friends for a very long time, I cant even tell you how we met, or how we started hanging out or how much he means to me. Joel is sick...sick with what he thought was a stomach ache that had turned into something more than a stomach ache. He was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer that has traveled to his liver & his pancreas. Last night i sat with Joel for awhile , as he explained to me everything in his calm, quite, one tone, even voice. It was heart wrenching, Joel is the strongest person I know and can take the most amount of pain as anyone i could know and he is beginning the biggest battle today as he got his first dose of chemo. I'm so helpless for my dear friend, when i was leaving him he asked me what he could do for me, that is how he is, he is worried about me. I need Joel to fight, to get mad and i need more time with Joel.
Here is my most recent picture of all three kids. Since I have not blogged in so long i thought i should post it:)This of course is why i am going to stick to my goals for 2010 and that is to get back into scrapping. I am heading into that room now which has turned into a crap room and purging all the junk laying around to get motivated again! Tomorrow starts new classes for me for school, I always look forward to that as it is a fresh start and a new challenge. Good Luck to all with your 2010 goals!


Im excited for 2010...I am doing what a lot of other scrappers/bloggers are doing and choosing a word. I have not jumped on this bandwagon yet and i have not yet chosen my word but i will soon. I also am going to try to get back on the creative scene and be a better blogger!
goals...i have to set goals!
more later!