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so i got a new camera before we went to disney and i love it! It is the cannon D40, to most of you that is not the newest and fanciest but for me it is GREAT! I love it and have gotten some great shots. The problem is i cannot get the pictures from the memory card to the computer. My computer is so old that i cant even get the software loaded on here. I really need to sit down and figure it out! Then i will post some of the great pic's.
Another thing that has been killing me is i have not been creative in a VERY long time. I really need to dig out the scrappin room and get something created. I havent even seen a lot of the newest supplies out there because i have been so far out of the loop. Not for long, i really need to get creative, i have had enough time off!
Tonight we went to a local production of The Sound of Music. It was so good, done VERY well. The singing was great and the acting, i was impressed. very fun! It is friday night and i am not working at the oriole...i love t…

An extra hour

in my day was exactly what i needed today! It actually gave me time to post! I am so behind on everything but i sort of feel like this weekend i may have made a dent. First let me post about my sweet little Jesse.
this picture was taken a few weeks ago when she was four months, she just turned five months on the 30th. She is such a great baby. She eats all her veggies & fruit now and is getting so big, it makes me so sad but i do love it. She has the little rolls in her arms she is so thick, and those cheeks are the best. She smiles all the times and talks and coo's. I can never get enought of her talking and smiling. Each morning when i go into her room she is so happy and 'talking' so sweet. She is almost sitting up but not quite yet, when she is sitting in her seat lisa got her she looks like such a big girl. She is such a joy!
wyatt turned 4 in the beinging of the month, he is getting so big and seems so old to me now.

here he is with grandma on his birthday. He is al…