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THE {club} Saturday Oct. 27th 1-3 Complete 5 pages while learning a new technique. This month we are using a brayer!

Tuesday November 6th
6-8pm $10.00 We will use some Hambly transparencies, rub-on's, chipboard & paint to create this great little album featuring someone you love. Plenty of space for journaling. Call SCRAPTACULAR sign up for this class. 440-934-4939
Saturday November 17th 2007
12-4 You will make 60 cards. 3 style 20 of each style. you will be able to complete these cards in class, everything will be all ready for you!Call SCRAPTACULAR to sign up for this class. 440.934.4939 CLOCK CLASS
Saturday December 1st 2007 12-3 You will create a beautiful clock that you will cherish for TIME to come. This working clock makes a Great gift for the upcoming holiday season. Call SCRAPTACULAR to sign up for this class. 440.934.4939

day 8-11

here they are...i have big goals for tonight. i realize i am behind but i will catch up! day 8 day9 day10

bones break

9/29 grace learns to ride a bike (no training wheels)

10/4 grace falls off the bike

10/8 grace gets 2 pins put into her elbow
that sums up my week. thur night gacie was riding her bike at g-mas and fell off while trying to 'stand up and pedal' . After a trip to the er the dr. there says to me...yeah it looks broke, it is hard to tell maybe follow up with an orthopedic tomorrow. First we went to Dr. Banks he said yes it is broke...your child broke one of the few bones that we have to put pins in to heal in children. most time just a cast or splint. he sends us to Dr. Saluan...BEST dr. he was amazing with grace and with my blubbering self. He tells us same thing she will have the surgery first thing monday am. Over the weekend grace just had a splint on, she managed fine got to watch to much tv. This am we went in at 645 for her surgery. She was amazing...they tripled her 'relaxing drug' so she was VERY loOpY before heading into the or. it was so amazing sitting and watchin…

day 7

is completed and i may just be back later
with day 8.
i am going to stay up late tonight, which defeats part of the challenge
to be better balanced. actually i have to wake up early, i never stated
not to stay up late. so i am going to try to stay up late!

3 years ago today

i birthed this little boy... happy birthday 'the lits'