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Oh Hey Friday

it is Friday again! time for Oh Hey Friday linked up with September FARM  and The Farmers Wife ! i must say last week i had a ton of fun reading all the linked blogs. if you have found your way here through there, leave me a comment, i would love to know that.

i have pretty much just eaten this all week. i love hummus and this brand is my fav and this week i have had it i ate a whole family size this week and i polished another one off after a great run on monday evening at  my best running pals house. i think i need an intervention.

maybe to help balance out the amounts of hummus i ate, the water i drank did some good.  i really tried this week to focus on getting a gallon of water a day in me.  before i got out of bed each day i would down a 32oz bottle. i do feel better, and bloated, but i am hoping if i can keep this up that bloating will go away. stay tuned.

this boy cracked his iPad screen over the weekend so last night we spent some time with our friends at the g…


so many people are doing it, the throw back thursday on the instagram and facebook.  i am going to be starting a tbt here on the blog.  they all may not be that fun for my couple of readers but i know i will love it!
so how i am dong this is i randomly am scrolling through my iPhoto and then someone is telling me to stop, then someone is telling me a number between 1-8 and another number for 1-15 the row and picture and that is what you get! the good, bad and the ugly.

here goes…

here we are back to 2012 and this sweet little double chin nugget's name is…LIZ! ha, it is mae, but i have a double chin too so it counts right?! this was our first disney trip and this girl was the best 9 month traveler.  she was a great age to take because she slept whenever and wherever, they let us do ride swap with her, which was great for the other 3 because they got to ride everything twice, once with me than once with todd, and just cause she is so darn cute! i mean look at those wrist creases.  i…

The 3 Day Refresh

last week i needed a reset so i was thrilled to try the 3 day refresh.  this is exactly what i needed after spending the week prior filling myself with junk!  i did so great up until vacation and even through vacation but that week back…boom! in the past when i needed a reset i have juiced, i loved the juice, the taste of it, i used to dream about almond milk but not only the expense is too much for me but i noticed how it really messed me up after.  also, with the amount of workouts i do, juicing isn't good for that as i would have zero energy when juicing.

a few times i did what several people referred to as a Shakeology cleanse, but even that is not giving your body the nutrients it needs. therefore, when beach body came out with the 3 day refresh!  this program was designed because so many people were doing a 3 day shakeology cleanse and the creator of Shakeology and the founder of beach body worked together (a husband/wife duo) to ensure that if doing a three day detox you a…

Five on Friday

So I just love this sweet girl's blog September FARM so I am jumping on her and The Farmers Wife five on friday bandwagon! 

Here goes…
Percy- we are watching Percy this week, our dear friends guinea pig. i know nothing about guinea pigs beyond the fact they reproduce like…rabbits. we plan on keeping him safe in wyatt's room. goal for the week - percy does not end up being chewy's squishy toy. 

The 3 Day Refresh - since we came home from vacation (vacation post soon to come) i have been a processed food, junk eating, chemical drinking crack head.  this week i started off the week with The 3 Day Refresh and feel great.  I wasn't doing it so much for the weight loss, although I was thrilled with that too, it was more to help flush out my system and get me back on a trying to eat clean 80% of the time path i need to be on. 

Runner - im a runner again and i couldn't be more thrilled! although i am still going to cross train with a beach body program, PiYo for right now, i a…