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Gallery Wall

Amy took AWESOME photos back in June, and I knew I wanted to showcase them all, but just wasn't sure how. I was hesitant to put them all in the living room because I feel like, why would anyone want to look at them, all the time. I sit in there, and I see the kids all the time, but I must admit, I LOVE to look at the pics! I got my inspiration here. Especially the subway art. I started by adding the wainscoting, I knew I would love this, I had it in my old house and loved it there & Brooke added it to her kitchen and I LOVE the way it turned out. hint hint...the next project is kitchen What I like the most is I used all products and frames that I already had, I bought nothing outside of the supplies for the wainscoting. 
For the Subway art I knew I wanted to use words/dates that were important to our family dynamic. When looking online these were upwards of $200 and I knew I wasn't paying that much! So I sat down on a Friday night at my photoshop blank canvas and went dow…

Going, going, gone

Summer is winding down...this makes me sad, because I know bad weather is around the bend, kids are going to go back to school tomorrow, earlier to bed and up early again. I do like that the routine will be back in place, the kids are so ready for that too! We have done so much 'back to school' shopping this past week, i am so done with it! Friday afternoon was shoes
got to love the Buy 1 Get 1 Half at Famous Footwear! Friday we went to take the supplies to their classes:  the boy really does like school, he pretends he does not, but while we are there he wants to stop in and visit everyone. We always go prepared with a note and plant for the teacher, Wyatt needs to charm them from the get go to start off on the right foot. He wanted to take a card and flower for Mrs. Patay, his teacher last year, just because he loved her so much. I LOVE that he thinks like that. She is the best and had such a positive impact on him and shaping his academic future.

The girl is in 4th grade, WO…


So I have not posted consistently like I said I would...try again! Here is a random sampling of fun for the past month! League CHAMPS, Tournament CHAMPS, Mercy ruled every game this season! He So wanted this hat at Target nappy baby on the long drive to Michigan  hills on my morning run in Michigan, this was an AWESOME 4 miles  nappy baby in Michigan two cousins missing and one random kid thrown in Torch Lake day The harvest from my garden! detox with green juice after 5 days in Michigan super power hair dryer from Hopie. I think she got sick of it taking so long to dry her hair when she is here!  what color to choose? my little pink home for 3 days post 60 miles mocha  YUM! Crocker Park Movie Night UP! Wyatt said to me after this picture was taken, 'Mom, I am actually having fun with you and J tonight'.  mapping out the Gallery Wall went for a walk on a Saturday morning, and came home with this. That how we roll when you go on a walk with Brenda Kirk. <