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it is friday

and boy has this week been a whirl wind…i am
to catch up! i was gone all last week in vegas!!! for work and since i stepped foot off that plane it has been go go go after a full packed week of work.
the laundry is piled, and seriously i mean piled, outside of the laundry room. there are baskets of clothes everywhere, kids room look like tornados ripped through them, but here i am for oh hey friday!
so lets link it up!
write about 5 things
link back to september farm or farmers wife
grab your favorite fall drink pumpkin beer, pumpkin latte you grab it and start reading.

so this week is a random mix for oh hey friday
//1 i am day 5 in of max30 and i am thrilled. i was  so.stinkin.sore from the first three days. holy i forgot how much sore can hurt, but i love it! 
//2 i was also finishing up size…holy moly is this fun! you get to get your dance on and who doesn't love that.  thats right, dancing, like music video up front and center you are the star of the show, and it is a wor…

this is going down

starting tomorrow i am all in with max30. 

I'm excited to do this program again, the last time i did it i could defiantly tell a difference and i was so much stronger by the end! i actually finished this one! this time the difference is going to be i am going to stick with a meal plan, like really stick to it. i know why i need to, i just always cave, but not this time. i am doing this and posting it here and posting about it often here is going to keep me in check. yes…you are going to keep me in check. 

who wants to join me? seriously, i need you to help me and the more people, the more to hold me (and you) accountable. if you have this program or any shaunT program help me! if you want this program, message me! 

we can do this…i promise! 

i am also finishing up this, so it will be double day this week. i totally need that too! 

 and did i ever tell you that i got to learn cize from these masters? like i got to dance with them and then chit chat. so awesome! 

blogtember - friday night

todays prompt… It's a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

this is a boring one, my friday night was super boring! and worse…i have no pictures to document it! 

mae, my youngest daughter, had a birthday party to go to. so i dropped her off in hopes the rain would stop so we could go to the high school football game. i am a total fair weather fan, meaning the weather has to be perfect, fan. well the rain didn't stop. 
came home
grace, my oldest daughter still wanted to go to the rainy football game, because thats what 7th graders do. 
off she goes
me and the three staying home kiddos stayed home.
we did have a little dance party which was fun! 
i cleaned the kitchen
i picked up all the junk laying around
i got presents ready that were needed for saturday
i waited for the rain to stop
no luck

so off to bed i went. 

being 9/11 there were several shows on the history channel reliving that day. wyatt and i did watch one together. 102 minutes that changed america. it was people…

Blogtember Challenge

i am a sucker for challenges, weather be a fitness challenge, a picture taking challenge, a no spending challenge, i usually jump on them. it helps me work on something consistently. i am not going o stay i keep up with it after the challenge, minus the fitness part ;) but it does keep me more motivated and aware.
so here goes a blogtember challenge from Brave Love Blog!
i won't blog every day…lets not get crazy, but i will try to get several of these in!
this one I would love to share, because i am sure it is going to be super random! 
Saturday, Sept. 5: Put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play.
1// LA County - Lyle Lovett 
       love love love this song, it just makes me sing out loud, really loud, in the car!
2// Lover is Childlike - The Low Anthem
      this song is from the hunger games soundtrack, i can honestly say i have never listened to the whole song.  do you       buy soundtracks? i do, all the time. 
3// Always in My Head - Cold Play

whoo hoo for the weekend!

its the weekend…and while it is not my favorite weekend, it is still a long weekend so i am going to embrace it and get some stuff done. what better way to help me accomplish all these tasks then typing them up and adding them to a blog post to ensure i accomplish them.

first off this boy just left.

he is headed up north to michigan to spend an awesome 3 days with his best cousin pal. while i know he will have fun i
when he is away from me!

like is he making the right choices, is he aware of his surroundings and what he is doing, is he trying to show off to keep up with all the kids, is he talking in his weird video voice, you know the usual. then before he left i got the email he made some app store purchases, so i was annoyed, ok i was down right mad because i just had over $40 refunded from apple based on some app store purchases he made, so i had to have a little 'discussion' with him and then he left. so now i feel terrible. he did give me his 'I'…