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athleta top 5

friday!! so im linking up with oh hey friday or better yet, for my oh hey friday im talking my top 5 athleta picks.
i love athleta, shocking.  i have been a gap girl most of my life, back in the high school day when i wore rugby shirts, button downs, long sweaters, all in size xl.  i actually wasnt a size xl, but in the 80's-90's oh xl was so so popular.  the bigger, the baggier the better.  now i probably am an xl, and maybe should be wearing that size...but that is for another post. athleta is gap, so it just makes sense it is my go to for not only fitness clothes, but just cute stuff!

and bigger bonus...i get to teach insanity there!  every weekend my local store, crocker park, offers free classes.  it is great because you can try out all different types of workouts and then shop...ummm win!  did i mention the class is free.  so just when you think you may fall over from exhaustion, you look around and see those cute tights you want to wear, or that bathing suit hanging in …

Easters past

I used to be that mom, the one who had her children coordinating in super cute outfits, awesome egg hunts for all the kids and cousins, a scrumptious brunch for the family.  but now... boy, that has all changed.  now that we are a week out from easter, i think i have accepted it. 

1//  past - i coordinated kids in easter outfits
      present - the kids have clothes on

I think this is where it went south, at some point after J came along.
maybe it was i couldn't keep up with getting 3 kids cute that early in the morning.

I spent money on these cute outfits, they coordinated, I did their hair, had them looking good. 
then, those clothes never got worn again.  into the closet they would go and sold at the next resale event, if they would even sell.   i think i have given away multiple cute little ballet flats in every size.

i mean come on...does this kid even look happy in this hat? 

i wanted her to look adorable in her easter bonnet, but we didn't even go to church, so I…

why run?

it is that time of year, cleveland marathon time, well in my case cleveland half marathon.

several years back, after the slowest jog over the finish line of the chicago marathon, i decided i was going to be a halfer girl for my remaining running years.  it is about time for me to run my annual 13.2 miles which also means i have started training to do so.  if you call running a few times a week and maybe throw a 6 miler in on the weekends training, but hey, that is training for me!
i have been a consistent runner for about the last 20 years, initially i started running because it burns lots of calories = weight loss.  that is not the case any more, not that i don't still burn a lot of calories, but the weight loss doesn't come with it and that really isn't my goal or my why. 
I was recently asked...  'why do you run?' i run because it keeps me sane, or as sane as i can be. :) i know this doesn't just apply to me, nor am i the first to talk about it,as with every …