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The Nike Ad

The Nike Ad That Changed My LifeYou were born a daughter.You looked up to your mother.You looked up to your father.You looked up at everyone.You wanted to be a princess.You thought you were a princess.


What has it come to??? It is Friday night, 2:26am, and I have lost steam. But boy being SO productive until 2:15am is really making me happy! dinnerdropped car off for maintenancecaught up on my blog readingcaught up on Mouse,Paper, Scissorsmade 3 cardsmade a notebook wrapperscrapped a few pagesfinished my homeworkThe hallway is painted
so maybe I can finish my picture wall I have been thinking about! These are the kids painting last weekend. Why is J not in the pics you may ask? That is because these were taken at 11:30pm, and like any good parent would have, my 2 year old is in bed. Seriously, who lets their kids stay up and paint at midnight!