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my favorite

my favorite program is on sale through my website through the end of the month. T25 is what threw me into my amazing beachbody journey and is a awesome program to transform you in 10 weeks 5 days a week for just 25 minutes a day.

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also, the 3 day refresh, i know this one is going to be needed next monday after all the chocolate love, cheesy potato love, and all the food that comes with easter. what a great way to jump start your fitness program and detox yourself. i plan on doing this

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yes, yes, i have not done this in awhile, so here goes. my random picture for throw back thursday! one of the kids tells me when to stop while scrolling through my iPhoto, they then close their eyes and randomly point to a picture. So in this case, Jesse was not happy the picture she chose was of Grace, so we had to do it again. basically you are getting a twofer tonight! 

awe….here we have grace and wyatt playing around during our awesome photo shoot with Amy, like 2 shoots ago. my sweet babies. :(
j decorating the tree, boy this one was only about 31/2 years ago which doesn't seem to long ago but is decades ago when it comes to kid life.  i miss my little kids. 
that is it, all the throw back thursday i have for today. peace out! 

Friday Link ups!

seriously, for well over a month, i have sat down to blog and just blank…nothing. now when i am sitting in bed at night i have tons of topics running through my head, and i should note them, i know.

there is one topic i do want to blog about and it is going to fall under the friday feelings.

my grandma…but first up…link up. 

you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that's it.

let me tell you about my grandma, that is my dad's mom.
my grandma died the first of the year, it is sad, yes. but good. granted i had not seen my grandma for several years these are my five on friday all about her amaziness!

1 - she is beautiful, i mean that, really truly beautiful, inside and out.  she is always, i mean always the same weight, the most beautiful skin, only kind words came from her mouth, always perfect hair, always full makeup, immaculate clothes and home.  that is who she is, just beautiful.

2 - she, they i should say, would come to visit us in …