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i think i am having a nervous breakdown...i am not sure but i think.
i am buried in so much stuff!
i did have an AWESOME weekend with the girls at CKC! so fun meeting them all!
i got home today after a VeRY crazy morning to the BEST Lets Escape package awaiting for me. It made my day thank you Kelle! i will be posting pictures and my real appreciation later. For now i need to try to dig myself out a little more, so crazed, thank goodness my children took a nap. bad day for me to give up the starbucks.

what a week

i have had the craziest week, i think it is just going to stay like this. last week started out great, on monday night i went to the police concert. that was so great. then i worked the rest of the week like mad. i had projects i needed to get started for scraptacular, we had our golf outing for the oriole so i had tons of stuff to get that ready. Thursday i had to go to a meeting at berea city hall, that was VERY nerve wracking & i just had a crazy week at home to top it all off. I think i had a nervous break down about thurday afternoon. I have now bounced back, finishing my projects, and just got caught up on the OC repeats. I must say... I love the OC, i am pretty sure i want to move there now except i want jimmy cooper to be my neighbor. anyway i was so not expecting marissa to die. there i was sitting on my dead guy couch sobbing over the death of marissa cooper. i think it is going to take me sometime to get over this one.
i did go to see elenore today, she is the greatest &…


how did i ever live without them! I just love these paint dabbers by ranger. I got 4 pages done tonight and used them on two of them. I think i am going to need all the colors to carry on in life. i used the pebble color tonight, you can see it in this layout the best and made a journaling area with a corrugated box. so fun.

I got a little mojo back tonight, i worked until 1030 got me an iced, grande, non-fat, no whip mocha, then went to work on my layouts for the {club} on sunday. This class is at Scraptacular and there will be its available if you are interested. I also got to play with some technique tueday stamps, as well as stickles glitter! I had a very productive night...that makes me happy.

it is now 3am and i need to go watch on episode of the O.C. so i can get caught up on that also. why am i always catching up?

tagged by kim L.

i usually dont do the "blog tag" thing but since it was Kim L. and i think she is pretty cool i am doing the tag thing. So here are the 7 random facts, oh and unless you are kim L. consider yourself tagged & let me know when you post to your own blog by leaving a comment.

1) i am VERY insecure
2) i LOVE cheese in just about any form. i even eat it with popcorn thanks to a high school friend stacey.
3) i love to sleep alone in my bed right in the middle
4) i hate feet...really hate feet, unless they are a babies foot i think the cut off age is about 6.
5) i have always wanted to be on a soap opera.
6) i work in a bar and it is a miserable life the bar life.
7) i was a terrible student in school

you are tagged... go to it, even if you just write them down on paper.